What Are the Different Types of Part-Time HR Jobs?

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Human resources (HR) departments employ recruiters, administrative assistants and benefits specialists; in some instances, the people who perform these tasks are employed in part-time HR jobs. As with full-time employees, part-time HR workers often have college degrees in personnel management, business administration or related topics. Additionally, some firms employ college students in part-time HR roles and these individuals are able to transition into full-time positions when they graduate from college. Some small firms with minimal numbers of workers can function efficiently with part-time HR employees while some major companies employ part-time rather than full-time HR personnel in order to reduce operating costs.

Many of the people employed in part-time HR jobs are tasked with recruiting workers to fill vacant positions. When an employee leaves the firm, the recruiter must contact the employee’s manager and create a job requisition that details the worker's job duties. The recruiter then places advertisements on the company's website, in local newspapers and at regional employment centers. When applications are received, the recruiter compares each applicant's professional and academic credentials with the job posting. The recruiter arranges for qualified applicants to be interviewed by the hiring manager while other applicants normally receive a declination letter.


Some people employed in part-time HR jobs are responsible for handling interpersonal issues involving employees and management. In many instances, employees have the right to file complaints with HR if managers violate company ethics rules or policies. Managers contact HR representatives when employees fail to abide by company rules or when disputes arise between workers. The HR representative normally interviews the parties that are involved in the dispute and decides how best to handle the situation after taking into account company procedures and regional labor laws. Serious issues that cannot be dealt with by the HR representative are normally passed onto the HR manager who is normally a full-time employee.

At some firms, the people employed in part-time HR jobs are responsible for handling issues related to payroll and employee benefits. Employers in many countries pay workers on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis in which case the people responsible for processing payroll are often part-time workers since there are insufficient tasks to keep full-time workers busy. Payroll processors collect employee time cards and authorize the accounting department to disburse paychecks. If employees opt to divert some of their gross wages into health care accounts or retirement funds then the HR representatives who handle payroll are responsible for processing these deductions. At the end of the fiscal year, HR representatives have to send pay statements to workers that detail each individual's annual earnings.


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Post 3

@raynbow- Since you already work for the company, I think that you have a good chance of also being hired for the part-time human resources position. After all, you already have a history with the company and a knowledge about how the company operates. This could be just as important as having a degree or formal training in human resources.

Post 2

I recently noticed that there is a part-time job in the human resources department at the company where I work as a part-time secretary. I would like to have both positions, but I'm wondering if I would be considered for the job since I don't have a degree in hr. It won't conflict with my current work hours, so should I apply for the hr position?

Post 1

I use to work part-time in a human resource job for a large company. I was basically an assistant to the full-time human resource officer, and helped him with his work load because the company was too large for one person to handle all of the hr duties. It was a very rewarding position, and one that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys working with others.

You can find part-time work in the human resource department of companies several different ways. Often, companies post their job openings on their websites. Temporary agencies help individuals find part-time work in many fields including human resources. Online job boards are also great websites to look for these types of positions, while newspapers in some areas still publish want-ads for full and part-time job seekers.

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