What Are the Different Types of Part-Time Babysitting Jobs?

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The different types of part-time babysitting jobs can be classified into either in-home or out-of-home positions. There is also casual on-call child care work times or part-time jobs with regular days and hours. Part-time babysitting positions can also be found in which the sitter works individually or in group child care settings. Some part-time babysitting work is for after school hours only, while others include holidays or daytime hours.

Daytime babysitting positions may be part time either in shorter hours per day or with longer hours but for only a few days a week. Some parents require a qualified person to fill part-time babysitting jobs on school holidays, such as professional development days when teachers plan curriculum and students don't attend. Others may need child care for before and/or after school care for their children. This type of part-time babysitting work revolves around school times and schedules. Some community businesses with children's activities such as kid gyms or day camps provide transportation after school and the parent picks up their kids later at the establishment.

Sometimes, another parent is chosen by some parents to bring their children to and from school. This type of before and after school care is usually done in the chosen parent's home. Typically, the parent has a child in the same grade or who also attends the school. Another option is having a babysitter who watches non-school-aged siblings of the child in the child's home while also providing before and/or after school care. Other kinds of before and after school babysitting jobs are done in a licensed child daycare.

For younger children who aren't yet in school, part-time babysitting may be needed for longer hours, but this depends on the parent's work or other schedule. Oftentimes, a babysitter for younger children will work in the child's home, but a daycare center situation is also an option for this type of job. Sometimes, mother's helper types of part-time babysitting jobs are available if a parent works from home or requires extra child care help while at home with the child. Rather than having set days and times, there are also part-time babysitting jobs involving being on-call, such as when parents are going out for an evening. Many of these kinds of part-time babysitting jobs are filled by teen sitters working in the child's home to earn extra money during hours when they aren't in school.

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