What Are the Different Types of Parrot Nest Boxes?

Andrew Kirmayer

Parrots usually prefer to have a secure place to lay eggs and raise young chicks. For someone breeding them, there are often a variety of parrot nest boxes to choose from. They can be made of a variety of materials including wood, which is often used to simulate a natural environment, cardboard, as well as plastic or metal. Parrot nest boxes are often characterized by the materials used inside, such as pine or cedar shavings for bedding, and various levels of lighting. Bowls, dishes, or baskets can be used for nesting, while some birds prefer not to have a particular space for laying eggs.

Parrot nest boxes are ideally made of wood.
Parrot nest boxes are ideally made of wood.

Size is usually a consideration for nesting as well. Large pet parrots may need a space that can be at least 14 inches (about 35.6 centimeters) across and 24 inches (about 61 centimeters) high, while smaller ones may need a box less than 12 inches (about 30.5 centimeters) high. The entrance should usually be just large enough for the bird to get in and out. Whether parrot nest boxes are purchased or built from scratch, these are aspects that generally need to be considered.

Metal nest boxes can become dangerously hot for the eggs and chicks of a parrot.
Metal nest boxes can become dangerously hot for the eggs and chicks of a parrot.

If a wood box is chosen, then usually care needs to be followed that the bird does not chew away at it. Some wood materials can become unstable and not safe for small chicks after hatching. There are also metal and plastic parrot nest boxes, which often last a longer time than wood varieties. While a parrot typically can’t damage a metal nest box, the product can absorb heat and the temperatures can become dangerous for eggs and chicks.

Some types of parrot nest boxes include a viewing area. Lids that can be taken off and panels that slide are often used for this purpose, but birds sometimes become agitated when people spend too much time watching them. Accessories for nest boxes can include dishes or baskets which the birds can lay eggs in. Different kinds of parrots may prefer certain materials over others. Those typically used by particular birds can be found on many informational websites, so these can help when pet parrots are being bred.

Parrot nest boxes can also be located near some lighting, but most of the time the eyes of young chicks are sensitive. Placing the box in a dark area is sometimes a good idea. Just the right amount of light, however, can help them be more active. Some birds are better off with a hollow log to nest in; there are nesting boxes that are designed this way, or they can be fabricated from real wood.

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