What Are the Different Types of Paper Crafts Supplies?

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There are a number of different types of paper crafts supplies that are often used by those who create different types of objects and crafts from paper. The paper itself is, perhaps, the most important supply used in these projects, though it is often manipulated using various supplies. Many of these supplies include tools and products that can be used to separate paper, such as scissors and paper cutters, or to bind paper together, such as glue, staples, or ribbon. There are also paper crafts supplies used to decorate various crafts made with paper, such as ink and stamps, markers and paints, and other decorations like glitter, stickers, and buttons.

Paper crafts supplies typically refer to materials and tools used in making a variety of paper crafts, such as cards, origami, and scrapbooks. The paper used in these crafts is usually one of the most important supplies paper artists choose. There are many different types of paper that can be used, including different thicknesses or weights of paper. These types of paper can also be found in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing for many different sorts of crafts to be made.


There are also a number of paper crafts supplies used to either separate or bind paper. Separating tools include scissors, paper cutters, and similar items used to cut a piece of paper into smaller pieces. There are even some scissors made with a pattern along the cutting edge, which leave the cut paper with a patterned edge as well. Binding paper crafts supplies include different types of glue, including liquid and stick form, as well as staples, ribbon, thread, and brads that can all be used to hold together two or more pieces of paper.

Other types of paper crafts supplies include various decorations that can be used on paper. Ink and stamps, for example, are often used to create images on paper that can be made quickly, reliably, and in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors. Different types of markers and paint can also be used to apply color and patterns or markings to paper crafts. Some decorative paper crafts supplies can also include tiny pieces of glitter often glued onto paper, stickers that can be found in a number of different styles and applied to paper crafts, and even buttons that can be sewn onto paper using a needle and thread.

As technology has improved, a number of new paper crafts supplies have also become available. Simple embossing machines can be used to imprint a design or pattern onto a sheet of paper. There are also machines that can use computer input to cut or create intricate patterns on paper, often for use in making cards or scrapbooking.


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Post 3

@Mor - I guess I do dye my own paper sometimes just by cutting up failed drawings and paintings and using that as background sheets. I tend to just collect things that I find over time rather than trying to plan ahead. My house is the kind of place where there are always scissors and paper and markers and tape and so forth in abundance if you know which drawer to look in.

Post 2

@irontoenail - Another source is to just make paper yourself. I don't mean necessarily from scratch, although that's definitely an option if you have the time and resources. I know people who make paper with leaves and dried flowers and all kinds of things embedded and it can look amazing if it's done the right way.

But even if you don't want to make the actual paper, you can dye it or otherwise change it in order to make it unique.

Dip dying in particular is really easy and effective. It's where you put an oil based dye or paint into water and swirl it into patterns then dip the paper into it to transfer the colors onto the paper.


two sheets will be the same and it's usually light enough that you can still use the paper for almost any purpose, including things like origami (which can be difficult to manage with recycled or homemade paper as it tends to be too thick).
Post 1

A good craft supplies store is going to have a wide range of papers, but don't limit yourself to those. Old and damaged books are a wonderful source of different colors and illustrations and can be bought cheaply at secondhand stores. Just be sure that you aren't cutting up a rare book.

I've found amazing papers in trade-aid stores as well, which have been handmade and often have a cultural flair from their region of origin.

Also, there are all kinds of discount craft supplies online if you look long enough. You can find almost anything at any price.

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