What are the Different Types of Overhead Light Fixtures?

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Some of the different types of overhead light fixtures include fluorescent lighting fixtures, semi flush ceiling lights, and flush mount overhead light fixtures. Directional spot light fixtures are another type. Overhead pool table light fixtures are typically used in pool halls, pubs, and recreation rooms. Ceiling fans are another type of overhead light fixture, which combine lighting with the functionality of a fan. Overhead solar lighting may be used for an outdoor patio area.

Contemporary/modern or traditional overhead light fixtures feature several designs to fit most home decor. Traditional chandeliers are a common type of overhead light fixture. These are commonly used in dining rooms and entryways. Modern style chandeliers include recessed lighting fixtures.

Some overhead light fixtures provide functionality. For instance, a hanging kitchen pot rack may store pots and pans and provide extra overhead lighting where needed. These overhead fixtures typically incorporate grills with hooks, for hanging kitchen utensils and pots. These overhead light fixtures typically use ordinary household light bulbs.

Pool table light fixtures hang over of a billiard table. These are designed to provide light while playing pool. Created in various designs, this type of overhead lighting can also add style to many types of decor. Many billiard overhead light fixtures use three or more lights.


Other types of overhead light fixtures include rustic styles, tropical styles, and nautical styles. Rustic styles of overhead lighting fixtures are often chosen for cottages and cabins in a rural or wooded settings. Tropical style overhead lighting may be used in beach homes and restaurants. Nautical style fixtures typically feature a fisherman or ocean theme.

Many flush-mounted overhead light fixtures feature a glass bowl design. These fixtures attach close to the ceiling and do not hang down. These are good choices for low ceilings. Many apartments use this type of light fixture in hallways and entryways. These styles are also used in many bathrooms.

Overhead bathroom light fixtures may include two, three, or five lights. Many also include a dimmer switch. These are typically positioned over a bathroom vanity or sink.

Another type of overhead light fixture incorporates dual-powered lighting. These often use light-emitting diode (LED) powered lights as well as seven-wattage light bulbs. A switch lets the user choose which power source will operate the fixture. These types of overhead fixtures are made to be energy efficient.


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