What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Porch Swings?

Dan Cavallari

Just like most homes, the style and function of various outdoor porch swings can differ drastically. Some swings are made from wood, while others are made from metal or even vinyl. Some hang from chains or ropes, while others feature a base that allows a user to rock back and forth. The only thing that ties these various outdoor porch swings together is the location in which it will be placed: a porch is a raised platform built at the front of a house, and it is usually covered or even completely enclosed.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

The most common size of outdoor porch swings is the two person rocker. As its name implies, the two person rocker, or swing, can accommodate two adults comfortably in a side by side configuration. The swing is likely to feature two arm rests, one on each side of the seat, though some outdoor porch swings do feature a third arm rest in the center of the bench. The width of the rocker can vary, and before purchasing such a swing, it is important to measure the area in which the swing will be hung or otherwise placed. Common materials for this type of swing include wood and even canvas.

A porch rocker is another type of swing, but unlike other outdoor porch swings, it is not suspended from chains or ropes. Instead, a fixed base will support the rocker, which is attached to the base using a series of moving arms. This allows for front-to-back rocking. Such a swing is a great option if the homeowner or renter does not want to drill into an overhead beam to hang the swing. This unit can be moved fairly easily from one location to another, and no alteration of the porch or its overhang is necessary.

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Another way to avoid drilling into the porch beams is to buy a swing stand. These stands are useful for supporting outdoor porch swings without requiring any alteration of the porch or the overhead beams, but if a buyer intends to use such a device, it is important to measure the porch space to ensure this tall frame will fit in the space. The swing will be suspended from the frame in much the same way as it would be suspended from an overhead beam, which means the stand must be exceptionally sturdy and ready to support the weight of the swing and the people sitting in it.

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