What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Industry Jobs?

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There are several types of outdoor industry jobs, including instructors, guides and consultants. Many outdoor industry jobs are centralized in the more rustic or less-traveled areas on Earth, but the jobs allow employees to work in some of the best outdoor sports, fishing and hunting areas in the world. Several outdoor industry jobs, such as fishing and hunting guides, resort keepers and travel guides, also allow the employees to participate in many of the great outdoor attractions that are popular for guests and visitors to the area.

Outdoor industry jobs exist in many places and in many forms, both familiar and not so familiar. A lodge keeper and hunting/fishing guide are some of the more familiar types of outdoor jobs, but a lodge cook, fishing pole manufacturer employee and hunting supply manufacturer are not as easily recognized as belonging to this industry. The outdoor industry label is often applied to a manufacturing plant in the center of a city or metropolis. Other less-notable outdoor industry jobs include outdoor sales, outdoor advertising and outdoor writing. The focus of these jobs might be on outdoor events and happenings, but the employee might seldom leave the office.


In some areas, city planners, lumber mill employees, game wardens and conservation police might also be included in the outdoor industry job force. Staff members who fill positions for sales and marketing pertaining to outdoor venues, attractions and events are often a part of the many outdoor industry jobs that are focused on promoting tourism in one particular area or region. Bicycle tour guides, nature photographers and recreational vehicle mechanics are other types of outdoor industry jobs that are often filled by qualified outdoor enthusiasts.

Seasonal employment opportunities make up a large percentage of outdoor industry jobs. Jobs for summer camp counselors and forestry workers typically are filled by students who work during their summer break from school. Safety and fire crews also make up some of the seasonally employed workers in national parks and forests in several countries. Ferry boat crews also are included in the seasonal employment roles in many areas of the world. With many positions within the national parks and summer camp industry being funded in part or fully by a governmental grant, the return status of an employee from season to season might not be guaranteed because of changes and cuts in budgets and the closing of some parks.


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