What are the Different Types of Outdoor Flooring?

Some of the different types of outdoor flooring include stone, wood, and rubber. Vinyl is also occasionally used for outdoor flooring. People often use flooring outdoors to cover patios, decks, and porches. Garden areas, playgrounds, and swimming pools might also be surrounded with various materials for ground cover. The type of flooring used outside normally depends on the purpose of the area it will be used to cover.

Many people like to use stone around patios, swimming pools, or as walkways for gardens. Stone is often thought to be much more attractive than concrete and other types of paving materials because it can be arranged in a variety of patterns, and there are also lots of different colors of stone available to choose from, which makes it easier to get a specific design. The ease of maintenance also attracts people to stone as a choice for outdoor flooring. If a stone cracks or breaks, fixing it usually involves replacing a single stone, whereas a crack in concrete cannot be so easily repaired.


When people use wood for outdoor flooring, they often select pressure-treated wood. Wood that is pressure-treated is made to hold up to the elements, which means that it will be less likely to rot when exposed to moisture over time. Decks and porches are two common areas that are covered with wood outdoor flooring, and the majority of the time pressure-treated wood is used. Some people also use wood for patios and walkways because it is often cheaper than decorative stone.

Rubber is occasionally used as outdoor flooring, particularly around areas where children play, such as tree houses or areas with playground equipment. Some studies have shown that there tends to be less injuries around play areas covered in rubber flooring because of the shock absorbency of rubber. There are also typically no choking concerns when play areas are covered in rubber, which is something many parents occasionally consider before using gravel or wood chips around play equipment.

Vinyl isn't seen quite as often as stone or wood for the purpose of covering outdoor floors. Sometimes people opt for vinyl over other materials because it tends to be waterproof. For this reason, vinyl is often used to cover decks that sit on top of other parts of a home because leaks aren't as likely to be a problem. Vinyl comes in a variety of different colors and patterns, and it also has the advantage of being slightly less expensive than other types of outdoor floor coverings.


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