What Are the Different Types of Organizational Behavior?

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Organizational behavior is a branch of business studies that refers to the way individuals within a defined workplace interact with each other. Usually, the type of organizational behavior in a particular business is directly related to its type of organizational culture. As such, the types of organizational behavior may be autocratic, based on independence, based on teamwork, or interdependent and rooted in ethical considerations.

The types of organizational behavior vary and depend to a large extent on the structure that is in place in the organization itself. An example of a type of organizational behavior is an autocratic one that is based on a sort of dictatorial establishment. In this type of organizational behavior, there is a clear demarcation between the lower employees and those who are at the apex of the organization. The employees are given instructions they are expected to follow. This organizational behavior does not leave much room for individuality, because employees are expected to dress to reflect an already established dress code as well as strictly conforming to organizational ideals.


When describing the types of organizational behavior, it is pertinent to mention the fact that the goals of an organization may also have a huge influence on the behavior in that company. For instance, where the primary goal of the company is to make as much profit as possible, the organizational culture will most likely reflect this goal. Such a company might have an organizational behavior where the employees are encouraged to exhibit traits of individualism aimed toward utilizing initiatives to achieve targets. This type of behavior may be found in financial institutions where employees are given monthly or quarterly targets that they are expected to meet, or even surpass. Indeed, in such organizations the jobs of the employees might be dependent on their ability to meet the stated targets, and this spirit is often reflected in the organizational behavior.

Also included in the types of organizational behavior is the style based on teamwork and ethics. In such organizations, the employees will often have a cordial relationship with the management of the organization. The spirit in such organizations is one of inclusion rather than exclusion. A company might base its whole corporate philosophy on one of high integrity, and this goal will be reflected in the organizational behavior.


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