What Are the Different Types of Organic Desserts?

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Organic desserts are desserts which have been prepared using ingredients produced without the use of pesticides, chemicals, artificial additives, or genetic modification. With the wide range of organic foods available as of the early 21st century, it is theoretically possible to make an organic version of just about any kind of dessert. Many types of organic desserts such as cakes, cookies, and ice cream can be purchased in bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants. Home bakers can also prepare an extremely wide variety of organic desserts, though some may find it best to focus on those that contain only a few ingredients.

Just about every type of food, from flour to eggs to dairy products to fruit, can be modified from its natural state during some stage of its production. The organic foods movement of the late 20th and early 21st century is built around a rejection of this modification and emphasizes foods that have been produced naturally. Thus, organic desserts are simply desserts made with ingredients that have not been modified during any stage of their growth or manufacture. As of the early 21st century, a wide variety of organic ingredients can be purchased at specialty food stores and even large supermarkets. Consequently, it is possible to make many different types of organic desserts.


A significant number of bakeries, restaurants, and whole foods stores in North America, Europe, and elsewhere carry a wide variety of organic desserts. For instance, some bakeries sell organic pies, cupcakes, and even wedding cakes. Restaurants may offer options like organic fruit tarts, sorbet, or brownies. Whole foods stores and even some mainstream stores commonly sell organic ice cream, candy bars, cookies, and so forth. Some of the organic desserts provided by these retailers may also be suitable for vegans, those with gluten sensitivities, and individuals with certain other dietary concerns.

Home cooks can also prepare an organic version of almost any dessert recipe by simply making sure that every ingredient used is organic. It should be noted, however, that organic products are often more costly than their non-organic counterparts. Consequently, making an organic version of a dessert that contains a number of ingredients, such as chocolate chip cookies, can prove somewhat expensive. Therefore, bakers with budgetary concerns may find that the best types of organic desserts to prepare at home are those which use only a few ingredients, such as yogurt with fresh fruit and honey.


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