What Are the Different Types of Orchestra Software?

D. Grey

There are many different types of orchestra software designed especially to imitate the sounds of a live orchestra. The music software can include different instruments such as strings, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards, including pianos and organs, and even vocals and traditional instruments from multiple cultures. Often, depending on one’s budget for orchestra software, sample libraries and virtual instruments for a variety of musical projects are available.

Orchestra software often includes organs.
Orchestra software often includes organs.

Orchestra software has become a popular medium for the composition of music. As a result of their convenience and affordability, virtual orchestras are used in movie soundtracks, commercials, and video games This eliminates the need for a composer to find instrument players and book concert halls to create orchestral music, allowing for greater freedom to experiment with his or her ideas. This process is often expensive and very time consuming, whereas most orchestra software is comparatively cheaper and can be operated by a single individual.

Orchestra software is designed to imitate the different instruments of an orchestra.
Orchestra software is designed to imitate the different instruments of an orchestra.

Virtual orchestras exist in different categories, each of which attempts to allow the composer to accurately emulate the music produced by a live orchestra. There are orchestra software programs for brass and woodwind instruments that include solo saxophone in alto and tenor, trumpet, and trombone. Libraries may also include the materials to create section combinations of multiple instruments which can all be controlled at once.

Drums, guitars, bass guitars, and percussion instruments are often included in virtual instrument collections. Pianos and keyboards are available in separate libraries. Many collections include live samples recorded by hall producers, who are experts at recording symphonic orchestras, as well as choirs. Knowing how the samples were recorded is important so that the user can be sure all the sounds are of equal quality and can blend together properly.

In addition to the different types of instruments, composers often find that their work can be enhanced by including vocals. Libraries of solo female and male vocal performers are available. In addition to vocals, composers using orchestra software will often make use of varied sound effects, collections which may include ambient sounds of natural environments, like jungles, forests, or oceans.

Even with a limited budget, most musicians find that exceptional music can be composed with orchestra software, as opposed to hiring and recording an actual orchestra. Software has been developed to suit the individual needs and tastes of various user. This highly varied selection and ease of use may allow the artist to compose more satisfying works at a more efficient rate.

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