What are the Different Types of Online Photo Printing Services?

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There are many different types of online photo printing services, often intended for fulfilling specific purposes or needs of potential customers. One of the most common types of service available is photo printing in batches, usually onto photo paper and of sizes appropriate to different frame sizes. There are also photo printing services that allow a person to print his or her photos onto a variety of decorative formats, such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, or jigsaw puzzles. One popular feature of some online photo printing services is the ability for someone to use photographs to create a book, similar to a scrapbook, which is printed out and sent to the customer.

Online photo printing services are provided by companies with Internet websites, which allow customers to upload digital photographs onto the website and then choose various options for what to do with those photographs. One of the most common features is basic photo printing, often done at different sizes depending on the purpose desired by the customer. These online photo printing services allow customers to upload digital photographs, choose the number and sizes of prints of each photograph, and then have those photographs printed on photo quality paper, similar to traditional photo processing services.


There are also some online photo printing services that allow customers to print photos in a number of creative and decorative formats. Many of these services allow customers to create coffee mugs, t-shirts, and mouse pads with the images chosen by the customer. This allows a person to upload his or her own photographs and then have those images printed onto various items for gifts or personal use. Some online photo printing services even offer more elaborate processes, such as printing photographs onto a jigsaw puzzle or encasing the photograph in a crystal display.

A number of online photo printing services even allow customers to use photographs they upload to create a photo book. This is similar to a scrapbook, though the photographs are printed directly onto the pages of the book, rather than being glued or stuck onto the pages. A customer can upload his or her photographs, arrange them onto pages using different layouts and paper backgrounds, and even add text to accompany each image. These types of online photo printing services will then print and bind the photo book, and then either mail it to a store for pickup or send it directly to a customer.


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