What Are the Different Types of Online Marketing Jobs?

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Different online marketing jobs are often based on particular positions at a company, or on different aspects of the marketing industry, often with further specificity based on the needs of online media. Positions on marketing teams can be found for those with various types of experience and training in marketing and the creation of online media, including both team members and team leaders or managers. There are also online marketing jobs for those who are more interested in the analytical side of the marketing industry, often individuals with the ability to effectively evaluate marketing data and relay that information to others in a useful way.

Online marketing jobs are employment opportunities for those interested in working in marketing and advertising for companies on the Internet. Many of these jobs are available for people who want to work as part of a marketing team, often following the instruction of a team leader and developing an online campaign. Content writers, for example, are often part of a team and create original written content for web campaigns, often utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) practices. There are also online marketing jobs for graphic designers and artists who help create the visual aspects of an online campaign.


Individuals with more experience in marketing or online advertising can find online marketing jobs as team leaders or managers. These positions are often more involved in developing an overall campaign, understanding the needs of a client, and how to best market a brand on the Internet. Online marketing managers frequently have a background in marketing or advertising, and oversee the development and execution of a campaign once the basic concept for it is established. These online marketing jobs can often be found at large Internet companies that retain a marketing department, and at advertising or marketing agencies that hire their services out to other businesses.

There are also some online marketing jobs available for those who prefer to work within the analytical side of the industry. Once a marketing campaign is launched, then there is typically a great deal of information that can be obtained about the effectiveness of the campaign. Analysts use this data, such as “clickthroughs” of advertisements on websites and feedback from customers, to determine how well a campaign is working. These analysts can then create reports based on this raw data that can be used by team leaders and other marketers to refine a campaign or determine a new direction for the advertising to follow.


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