What Are the Different Types of Online Courses for Healthcare Administration?

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Types of online courses for healthcare administration vary by degree level and subject matter. It is possible to study healthcare administration at the vocational school, undergraduate and even postgraduate levels, the exact curriculum for these programs can differ significantly. In most cases, however, a school’s online courses for healthcare demonstration will include at least one or two classes in legal and ethical issues. For those who are studying at the vocational or associate’s degree level, typical online courses for healthcare administration include training in medical terminology as well as medical insurance billing and coding. Those who are studying at a more advanced level may take courses in healthcare management, marketing, and policy.

Online courses for healthcare administration that are offered at the associate’s degree or vocational diploma levels often include the training necessary to effectively manage patient files, prepare billing statements and to submit claims to insurance companies. Courses may focus on different types of coding and billing. Instruction in medical terminology may also be required part of the curriculum. Students may also receive training in bookkeeping and accounting for medical offices, as well as medical writing.


For individuals who planned to go into upper-level administration and management, undergraduate and graduate courses may focus more on the business of healthcare. Students will take courses in management theory as well as the best ways to market a healthcare business. At the graduate level, students may also take courses in statistics and research methods. These courses can be particularly useful for administrators who are charged with setting benchmarks or conducting research studies as part of their jobs.

In many jurisdictions, government or healthcare industry standards require administrators to have a strong understanding of ethical and legal issues, since without this understanding, the practices that they work for are at risk of lawsuits and, in some cases, being shut down by government officials. As a result, there are numerous online courses for healthcare administration that focus on these issues. The coursework varies according to the laws in the country where the course is taught as well as the degree level at which the student is studying. Courses for those students who are studying to be medical office administrators may focus significantly on privacy issues with regards to patient medical information and records. Students at the postgraduate level may complete coursework on the best ways to develop system-wide policies and to ensure compliance at all levels of a large hospital or healthcare organization.


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