What are the Different Types of Office Management Jobs?

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There are many different office management jobs, even though the basic duties of these managers are quite similar. Office managers supervise the smooth running of a company's administration, making sure that needed supplies are provided and that office equipment is in working order. They usually hire, fire, train and promote employees. The different types of jobs that fall under this umbrella include those in corporate, medical and legal offices, as well as virtually managed administration.

Corporate office management jobs may include a manager at each branch of the company. A district manager, usually at the head office, will oversee all the branch managers, and travel is often a part of a the job description. Corporate office managers may plan and oversee organizational approaches to human resources, payroll, website content, and advertising campaigns.

Knowledge of anatomy and lab procedures as well as health care laws are needed for medical office management positions. These managers work in doctor's offices, where they supervise assistants and ensure that patients' health records are being properly kept. Patient confidentiality and the proper disposal of medical waste are just two of the crucial issues a medical office manager must ensure staff is aware of at all times. It may be possible for a medical assistant to be promoted to the position of office manager.


Legal office jobs require experience and an understanding of law procedures. Office managers may oversee a large team of legal administrative assistants, and they manage the daily administration processes and keep to a budget. Payroll management and human resources are other duties involved in many of these jobs.

Virtual office managers often work for several smaller companies part time rather than just one business as a full time employee. Small businesses are more likely than large ones to contract out, or outsource, virtual office management jobs. Remote virtual jobs can be attractive options for small businesses that are experiencing growth but don't yet need a steady full-time or part-time office manager on site.

Although other types of managers, such as those in Internet technology (IT) and sales, work in offices, office management refers specifically to those positions involved in the overall running of the administration of a company. The other types of management jobs are departmental in nature, but office management jobs are much more general. For instance, a manager must be concerned with the daily details of creating a smooth running overall workplace environment.


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@rugbygirl - First, good luck with your job search! You can get salary info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and from other job ads. Ads for smaller offices (like medical office manager jobs) may not include a salary, while job ads from bigger offices and universities are more likely to because they often have formal pay scales.

In my experience working as an office manager, executives really want to know that you can make their lives easy, keep knucklehead stuff off their plates, and keep things running smoothly. Be prepared to talk about good ideas you've implemented in your previous jobs, difficult customers you've handled, and problems you've solved. Here's to moving up in the world!

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I'm tired of working receptionist jobs and think I'm ready to move up. Where should I start? How can I get salary info, job descriptions, etc.? Should I just art applying for stuff? How do I sell myself as being ready?

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