What Are the Different Types of Nutrition Internships?

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Internships in the nutrition and dietitian industry can be highly rewarding experiences. Students have opportunities to make contributions to society by exploring internship possibilities abroad where they can join registered professionals in educating poor people about nutrition. The specification or focus in the assignments that students with nutrition majors pursue is largely up to those individuals. Other internship opportunities range from sports nutrition to fulfilling assignments in hospitals or private corporations.

Nutrition internships in impoverished nations can help to reduce starvation around the world. Students may travel abroad through government-sponsored programs aimed at educating poor communities about the importance of good nutrition. Interns might help to teach parents and other individuals farming techniques for growing fruits and vegetables. Certain nutrition internships might attempt to reduce the prevalence of undernourishment in children.

Unique opportunities also exist where students might not expect to find internships related to nutrition. Public relations (PR) is an industry in which a firm represents a corporation and becomes responsible for the media attention of that client. Firms that have many food companies as clients, such as restaurants or food distributors, might not have internal staff with extensive knowledge about that industry. Hiring a nutrition intern may be an inexpensive way to strengthen the staff's perception of the food industry and create better client relationships over the long term.


Health care providers might offer nutrition internships to students. Companies that provide health benefits to corporations in particular might partner with clients beyond the standard services package. Some providers might send a nutritionist to present a session on nutrition to employees, and interns might be able to participate in this education process. Searching internship opportunities at health care providers is a reasonable place to begin.

Students may be able to fulfill nutrition internships in hospitals. In this type of program, interns work alongside registered dietitians and must communicate with other medical staff, including physicians and nurses. Also, it is likely that students will participate in some types of nutrition education meetings with patients.

Sports nutrition is an area where students can obtain internships. These nutrition internships could unfold at health facilities. Interns have the potential be included in educational or diet programs in which clients are advised on the importance of eating properly and exercising. Certain medical facilities use nutrition therapy as part of treatment programs for patients, and interns can get involved with planning meals.


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