What Are the Different Types of Network Administrator Software?

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A network administrator, or admin, is responsible for maintaining the software and hardware that comprises a computer network. Businesses and organizations often rely in local area networks to connect users, and count on admins to quickly troubleshoot and fix connection problems. Several different types of network administrator software exist, each designed to make an admin's job as easy and efficient as possible.

Monitoring programs represent one type of network administrator software used by admins to keep an eye on vital statistics. These types of programs can instantly alert administrators if a connection or network device fails. This network administrator software can also be used to measure bandwidth levels, which indicate data transfer amounts. Monitoring software can notify an administrator of unusually high bandwidth levels, and provide clues to help locate the source of the problem.

An antivirus program is a variety of network administrator software that helps protect computers from malicious threats. This software scans the computers and storage devices connected to a network, and checks for harmful files. A good antivirus program is particularly valuable tool for network administrators, since a small infection can spread quickly throughout an entire network if it is not detected quickly.


Firewall software is also important for network security. Administrators use these programs to limit which connections can be made to outside sources, such as the Internet. A firewall can permit an admin to block unauthorized access to a network, in order to prevent hackers or data miners from seizing private files. Firewall programs also help an administrator keep bandwidth to manageable levels, and maintain the speed of a local network.

Backup and recovery software is commonly used by network administrators to save important information, and replace this data if it is lost. Many network admins perform scheduled backups of key files or databases on a daily basis, so that an up-to-date record is always available. This type of software can be very useful when a storage device fails, or if a virus corrupts a piece of data.

Remote access network administrator software gives technicians the ability to view key statistics without being physically present. These types of programs permit admins to log in from a remote location, and access a computer by remote control. Since many computer problems occur after normal business hours, remote access programs can be vital for solving a network crisis even if the admin is not physically in the server location.


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