What are the Different Types of Nephrology Positions?

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Nephrology is the branch of internal medicine that deals with the kidneys. There are many different nephrology positions for individuals who are looking for a good career in this medical field. One particularly popular position in nephrology is as registered nurse that specialize in caring for patients who have kidney disease, are undergoing dialysis, or have undergone a kidney transplant. Other positions for nephrology specialists include dialysis technician, dialysis nurse, home therapy nurse, clinical nurse, as well as being a registered nurse under a renal specialist, endocrinologist, oncologist or urologist.

Nephrology positions are available in a wide variety of medical settings. Hospitals need nephrology nurses to assist surgeons, nephrologists, endocrinologists, and urologists. Dialysis centers are also a constant source of nephrology jobs for trained nurses. Professional nephrology nurses can work in dialysis centers located in hospitals, out-patient facilities, or in home dialysis programs. In regards to dialysis treatment, a nephrology nurse is responsible for caring for the patient during dialysis.

There are also many nephrology positions for nurses to assist physicians who specialize in nephrology. Nurses in these nephrology jobs may also need specialized training. Physician assistants and renal specialists need to understand the functions of the renal system as well as common medications for kidney disease. Nephrology nurses may also work with surgeons to assist in kidney transplants, and these nurses need surgical knowledge and training.


Because the kidneys carry out many different functions within the body, there are also many nephrology positions in other medical fields. For registered nurses trained in nephrology, many hospitals and private practices have open urology positons and endocrinology positions. Renal specialists may also need nephrology nurses for neurology positons if the patient has a disease that attacks the nerves in or around the kidneys. Renal oncology positions are also available for nurses to assist patients with cancer in or around the kidneys.

Individuals interested in nephrology careers should first become a registered nurse and then seek training in the specific care of patients with kidney disease. Nurses in nephrology positions are required to understand the unique needs of patients who are undergoing dialysis, have received a kidney transplant, or are under the care of a kidney specialist. Nephrology nurses who work as dialysis technicians must be trained in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis procedures, as well as transplant procedures. Professional training in nephrology can prepare nurses for nephrology positions in hospitals, dialysis centers, or out-patient facilities.


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