What Are the Different Types of Nature Conservation Jobs?

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Nature conservation involves protecting and preserving wildlife, wild habitats, and other natural areas. Just about anyone can get involved in conservation in some capacity, and nature conservation jobs tend to be plentiful if the candidate has the right qualifications. In order to qualify for these jobs, it is best to either attend a training program or enroll in a degree program from a college or university. The candidate can then pursue jobs such as biologist, ecologist, environmental engineer, wildlife expert, conservation manager, and much more.

Conservation agencies and organizations don't just need scientists, either. Some nature conservation jobs may focus more on the business end: accountants, lawyers, and even marketing and advertising professionals are often needed to help promote nature conservation in various areas. The best way to get a handle on what types of nature conservation jobs exist is to inquire with various nature conservancy organizations. Such organizations often have websites that will outline available job positions, as well as other resources for getting started in the conservation field. If the job candidate is already enrolled in a college or university program, or even in high school, he or she might be able to visit a guidance counselor, academic advisor, or career counseling center to get more information about these jobs.


National and state parks are preserved areas that help promote and protect natural habitats; such parks must be monitored and maintained by park staff, which often includes park rangers. These rangers will have a variety of responsibilities, including educating the public about various conservation techniques, wildlife, habitats, and environmental issues; building and maintaining trails; handling park fees; addressing legal issues or other problems within the park; and much more. Park volunteers will aid the park rangers in many of these capacities, from trail building to general maintenance and more.

Other nature conservation jobs may focus more on bringing awareness to the general public. Graphic designers may create pamphlets or websites devoted to specific conservation areas or groups; accountants and fundraisers may manage funds that will be used to help maintain parks and other ecosystems; lawyers may work to promote conservation issues in court cases and more; and lobbyists can help promote conservation causes within local, state, and federal governments. Non-profit jobs are usually available as well; non-profit organizations often have a specific focus, and they will hire both paid employees and volunteers to help promote the cause and work toward specific goals.


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