What Are the Different Types of Natural Rugs?

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Natural rugs are made from plant or animal fibers and there are many different types to choose from. A sisal rug has a smooth, fine surface while a jute rug is coarse and firm. Sea grass and mountain grass rugs provide an earth-toned appearance and usually contain a non-slip, latex backing material. Bamboo rugs are an inexpensive, natural floor covering option and coir rugs are strong enough for outdoor use. Wool and cotton are also used to make various types of natural rugs.

Sisal rugs contain fine yarn that is naturally static and fire-resistant. The yarn is made from sisal agave leaf extracts and has a soft, smooth feel. These popular natural rugs are hand-woven into many different patterns and textures. Sisal rugs are often used for the upper floors of a home because of their sound-absorbent qualities. This material is easy to clean, but has a tendency to fade when exposed to long periods of direct sunlight.

Jute rugs are constructed of fibers extracted from the stem of the jute plant. These natural rugs have an attractive silky sheen but are easily stained. Jute rugs are best suited for rooms that receive only light to moderate foot traffic. Their natural brightness usually makes them a good choice for a child’s bedroom or home office. They are not recommended for bathroom or kitchen areas.


Sea grass rugs have an attractive, earth-toned appearance and provide a durable walking surface. These natural rugs are well-suited for high-traffic area such as kitchens and foyers. Most sea grass rugs also have a non-slip, latex backing material for extra durability. These wood-textured rugs may fade when placed in direct sunlight, however.

Mountain grass rugs are similar to sea grass rugs, but are usually much darker. These inexpensive rugs feature natural color variations and are woven in a variety of patterns and textures. Mountain grass rugs are easily cleaned and usually work well in kitchen and dining areas. These rugs can be custom ordered in a wide variety of border colors. Mountain grass rugs also have a durable, non-slip latex backing material.

Bamboo rugs are well known for their strength and durability. These rugs are usually a good choice for high traffic areas and often have a non-slip felt backing. The dense bamboo material is naturally stain-resistant and its smooth texture is easily cleaned. Coir rugs are constructed of durable fibers extracted from coconut husks. These natural rugs are often utilized for outdoor applications such as porches and patios.

Wool rugs are made from animal fibers and are naturally water- and stain-resistant. In addition to being fade and fire-resistant, wool is also a long-lasting material. Cotton rugs are an economical alternative to wool rugs, but are usually less durable. Cotton and wool blends are also used to make inexpensive, natural rugs.


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@ocelot60- You should try using a bamboo rug. Not only is this a natural material, but it looks great and hold up nicely in almost any type of weather. It is also quite comfortable to walk on, even on summer days when you want to go barefooted.

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Does anyone have a suggestion for the best type of natural rug for a porch? I want to make my porch look cozy and inviting without spending a lot of money.

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