What are the Different Types of Natural Human Growth Hormone Supplements?

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There are several different types of natural human growth hormone (HGH) supplements on the market. They are available in forms of a spray, pill or capsule, as well as in patches and creams. The natural human growth hormone supplements can be purchased under different names, such as an HGH secretagogue, an HGH booster or an HGH enhancer. Even though they come under slightly different names, they basically work the same way, and that is to boost or enhance the production of the human growth hormone.

Natural human growth hormone supplements generally do not contain the actual growth hormone. Rather, they contain natural ingredients that stimulate the pituitary gland to increase natural HGH in the body. The process is natural, so the human growth hormone supplements can be taken without side effects in most cases. They are a safe alternative to anabolic agents, which can cause many long-term side effects.

Some brands of human growth hormone supplements that come in sprays contain the actual HGH. The effectiveness of these sprays however, is controversial. Some state that the HGH molecule is too large to be absorbed into the body, and others say that certain brands contain ingredients that help with the absorption of HGH, so they do work. Not all sprays however, contain HGH, because many sprays consist of the same natural ingredients found in the pills, patches and creams.


The ingredients contained in natural human growth hormone supplements such as HGH enhancers, HGH boosters and secretagogues are amino acids, vitamins and, in some cases, herbs. Some of the most common amino acids are arginine, glutamine, ornithine and lysine. All of these ingredients can be obtained from natural plant-based foods. The difference, however, is that the HGH supplements contain much higher concentrations of the ingredients, so they are able to provide greater results.

HGH is essential for growth and healing of the cells throughout the body. It helps the body develop and maintain strong and healthy bones. Natural human growth hormone supplements are often used in anti-aging therapy to help people look and feel younger. The anti-aging supplements can slow down and even reverse the signs of aging, and they can help prevent many age-related diseases. Sports enthusiasts and bodybuilders often resort to using HGH boosters or enhancers — often illegally or against the rules of the sport — as a supplement, because it helps build lean muscle mass and increases the strength and energy levels.


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Post 2

@jholcomb - That approval of human growth hormone for short kids caught my attention because I am very short myself. Basically, it used to be approved only for kids who do not produce this hormone naturally, but now it can be prescribed for medically normal children who are very short. They're talking about a height range that would work out to about five foot three for men or four foot eleven for women.

And I am just under four eleven, so I guess I would have qualified! But I don't feel like a freak, thank you very much. Spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to make me taller would not have been worthwhile by any stretch of the imagination.

I do believe it's the same stuff, but for kids I think it's always or almost always an injection. It has to be refrigerated and given every day, which can be a problem for weekend trips and so forth - definitely a big commitment (but absolutely appropriate for kids with certain medical conditions).

Post 1

I've heard of people using hormone growth hormone in bodybuilding and other sports. I think it was mentioned in connection with Manny Ramirez, that he was possibly taking some sort of banned hormone (Major League Baseball wouldn't say).

I think I've also heard of children who are very short taking human growth hormone to increase their height. The FDA allows it even for kids who have no medical reason for being short other than luck of the genetic draw. Is there a difference between what they take and what athletes sometimes take?

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