What Are the Different Types of Natural Herbs for Weight Loss?

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Different types of natural herbs for weight loss include ginger, green tea, and licorice. These herbs may sometimes be used as alternatives to prescription medications and weight loss surgeries. Although herbs may be effective in promoting weight loss, they are not considered medications and therefore not subject to government testing. Before beginning a program that includes natural herbs for weight loss, it should be discussed with the healthcare provider.

Ginger is one of the most popular natural herbs for weight loss and may work to promote weight loss with its appetite suppressing properties. The standard dosage of ginger supplements is typically 1 to 5 grams daily. The dosage can vary depending upon the response to ginger, gastrointestinal side effects, and potency of ginger supplements. Although ginger is considered safe, and even touted as treatment for morning sickness, discussing its use with a healthcare provider before taking supplements is prudent.

In addition to ginger, green tea is also among the most popular natural herbs for weight loss. Green tea can help suppress the appetite, promote regularity, and may even rev up a sluggish metabolism. It is also a rich source of antioxidants that may be helpful in the prevention of certain diseases and infections. Green tea can be purchased at any grocery store and is also available in nutrition stores in the form of extracts and supplements.


Other herbs for weight loss include spirulina. This substance is derived from algae and can also encourage weight loss by dampening the appetite. Certain herbal preparations may be safer alternatives to weight loss than conventional medications, however, this is not always the case. Many herbal products may also be beneficial in other areas. For example, the herb chamomile is effective in promoting relaxation, can help relieve stomach cramps, and may even help increase the appetite for those who need to gain weight.

Prior to taking natural herbs for weight loss, a thorough physical examination should be performed. Certain herbs, as well as certain medications, can contribute to high blood pressure and may interact with other medications or medical conditions. Weight-loss patients should tell their doctors about existing medical conditions and any prescription medications they're taking. It is also important to tell the healthcare provider if the patient has a history of smoking or drinking.


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Post 4

A key to using these herbs is to realize they are supplements. For instance, someone can't just take ginger and have that be the only change to their diet or lifestyle. Sure your appetite will be suppressed, but that won't change a whole lot. There are no miracle drugs, but these herbs can help make things easier.

Post 3

Fruits and nuts are also good foods for controlling weight gain. One of the biggest mistakes I make when trying to control my weight is I starve myself and then I get really hungry and then eat way too much. What works better is eating fruits and nuts throughout the day. I no longer eat a big lunch with my coworkers. I just snack on nuts during the day and then I have a piece of fruit and a salad for lunch.

Post 2

Water is good for helping lose weight. I stay as active and exercise as regularly as my schedule allows. My favorite way to exercise is to play tennis. During the warm months, staying hydrated can be a challenge, so I drink water constantly throughout the day. Little did I know that I was hydrating and helping my body lose weight by drinking the water.

A friend who is a nutritionist told me that sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger, and instead of grabbing a drink we eat. Water also keeps the stomach from being empty, and an empty stomach is a hungry stomach.

The more water you drink with meals, the less food you will eat. I have gotten into the habit of drinking a full glass of water before I begin eating. This a good way to stay hydrated and control hunger.

Post 1

These natural herbs might help you when you're trying to lose weight, but you shouldn't fall into the category of people who believe an herb can do for them what they haven't been able to do with self control and hard work. Use the herbs, but also push yourself away from the table before dessert is served, and park a little farther from the mall entrance so you can burn a few calories by walking those extra steps.

Many people start to gain weight because they have slipped into bad habits. These habits can be simple things, but they add up over time and their health pays the price.

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