What are the Different Types of Nanny Spy Camera?

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A nanny spy camera can be helpful in various situations, though of course this product is often used to ensure that a child is not being ignored or harmed by his caretaker. One of the most popular types is a small camera that can be hidden anywhere, from inside a stuffed animal to inside a picture frame. Some people prefer to watch the footage as it occurs rather than at the end of the day, which is why wireless Wi-Fi cameras exist. Finally, some hidden cameras are wearable, and are often disguised as sunglasses, hats, or shirt buttons. Consumers should consider their needs and their budget when checking out the different types of nanny spy cameras.


When most people think of a nanny spy camera, they picture the kind that can be hidden easily around the house. This type is popular since it contains everything that is needed to get an idea of what goes on when the owner is not around. In most cases, the camera is built into an object that does not look out of place, such as a stuffed animal in a child's room, or a pen in an office. The owner of the camera can let it run continuously, and then remove the SD card to get a glimpse of the events of the day. Many people like this type of nanny spy camera since it is simple enough for nearly anyone to use, does not require an Internet connection, and offers a recording that can be viewed several times.

On the other hand, some people wish to see what is taking place in their house in real time, which requires a nanny spy camera that uses the Internet. This type of spy equipment allows owners to watch the footage from work, which means that they can immediately put a stop to any undesirable behavior by a caretaker shortly after it occurs. The camera can also usually record the footage so that it can be viewed later if its owner cannot constantly watch it. This type of camera is usually wireless, but may be more expensive and a bit more complex to set up than the standard hidden camera.

Some people may prefer to wear their hidden camera, allowing them to record events that occur during their day. This may also work for those wishing to spy on their child's caretaker, as they can have the child wear it, but it may be riskier than simply hiding the nanny spy camera around the house since young children may break it, lose it, or take it off. It is often built-in to sunglasses, hats, shirt buttons, necklaces, or other accessories, and typically works similarly to a regular hidden camera in that it records footage to be viewed later.


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Post 2

@Soulfox -- that all depends on the camera and the state in which you live. In the United States, it is perfectly fine to hide a camera that shoots video only. Those can be installed and used to secretly monitor the person looking after your child. No problems there.

The problem kicks in when the camera also records audio. Making voice recordings without the knowledge of the person being recorded is legal in some states, not others.

There's a very good chance that the local professional who markets nanny cams will know the laws applicable to your location. If in doubt, ask. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Post 1

It is one thing to have a nanny camera that is in plain view, but quite another to have one that is hidden and films the nanny or babysitter without his or her knowledge. What is the legality of hiding a camera in your home and not telling the person caring for your child that it is not there? Is that person's privacy violated in some way?

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