What are the Different Types of Nail Polish?

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Nail polish is one of the biggest cosmetic industries. People are forever looking for the product that will help them grow long, strong, attractive nails that look good when polished. This cosmetic product comes in many different formulations, but all are designed to make the nails look attractive.

The base coat is one common type of nail polish. It helps prepare the fingernails to accept a colored polish. It also keeps darker polishes from discoloring the natural nail. It is usually clear and may be worn alone to protect the nails.

Colored nail polish is as varied as those who wear it. It comes in every color of the rainbow, as well as some colors that don't exist in nature. It may be glittery or matte and can help hide fingernail flaws such as ridges. Nail polish also protects the nails. It comes in formulations that help strengthen nails, dry quickly or promote nail growth.

The top coat is also a clear coat. It is used over layers of dry polish to harden and protect the color. It helps keep the color from fading and chipping. A top coat may also be worn alone to provide a neat, manicured look and to protect the nails.

Strengthening nail formulations are a real boon to those who work a great deal with their hands, such as typists. Breaking or chipping nails is nearly a daily occurrence for those who type a great deal. Strengthening polishes can help keep this problem to a minimum.

Some nail polish is targeted to particular nail problems, such as ridged nails, peeling nails, brittle nails and even nail biters. A nail biting treatment is usually extremely bitter, in order to help the nail biter break the habit through aversion therapy.

Nail polish is sold everywhere cosmetics are sold. Many cosmetic lines also have their own line of nail cosmetics. A person can usually visit the corner drugstore for nearly every kind and color of nail polish imaginable.

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Post 2

Sunny27- Oh, I love going to the drugstore and buying nail polish.

I usually buy Maybelline nail polish or Revlon nail polish in like a brown tone for me, and I buy a nice white or very light pink for my daughter.

She's a preteen but, thinks she's a grown woman so this is a nice compromise. She does not like mood nail polish.

I try to stay away from pearl nail polishes because they tend to have a very sheer coat and it takes a lot of applications in order to actually see color on your nails. I love to buy nail polish. It is a nice pick me up after a long day at work. I try to buy non toxic nail polish when I remember.

Post 1

I love wearing nail polish. When I go to the salon and go to get a manicure they almost always use Opi nail polish.

It goes on smoothly and has a rich color that is long-lasting.

Usually they apply clear coat and then apply the white tips with white nail polish. Then they either used a beige or pink tinge coat on top of it.

Sometimes they use clear nail strengthener polish for the topcoat. I prefer French manicures to regular manicures. I like the clean look of the white tips.

It looks even better in the summer after I have a nice tan. You don't have to go to the salon to get a French manicure. There are many French manicure kits that you can buy in the drugstores.

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