What are the Different Types of Murder Charges?

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The exact definition of murder can vary from one jurisdiction to another. Generally, despite the exact wording, the term murder refers to the unlawful killing of a human being. Such a definition may sound clear and obvious, but actually it may not be because in many jurisdictions there are numerous murder charges, such as first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and involuntary manslaughter. The circumstances of the killing are usually assessed to determine which charges should apply to a particular case.

In many jurisdictions there are degrees of murder. First degree murder is generally the most egregious type of this crime. According to Alabama law, four things must co-exist for a person to be convicted. The killing must be done with malice. The act must also be willful, premeditated, and deliberate.

These elements tend to be commonly found in the legislation of other jurisdictions’ first degree murder statutes. One thing that may vary from place to place is that, in some instances, murder that results during the execution of another crime may be elevated to the first degree. For example, if a person is killed during a robbery, although it was not premeditated, the circumstances under which the death occurred will result in a harsher charge.


If there is a first degree murder, there must also be a second degree. These murder charges can differ from the first degree charges in a number of ways. In some jurisdictions, the elements of the two crimes are similar, but second degree murder charges result in shorter sentences and do not carry the possibility of capital punishment. Other statutes, such as those in New York, allow the charge to be used for deaths of third parties that are caused by willful acts.

Attempted murder charges result when a person is accused of trying to kill someone. The intent and some action toward realizing it are two elements that are commonly required if these cases are to be successful. For example, if Terry writes in his journal that he wants Tyrone dead, and later he shoots an arrow at Tyrone, which hits him, but does not kill him, Terry can be charged with attempted murder.

Manslaughter is often used to charge people who kill others without malice or premeditation, nonetheless, the death that occurred is deemed inexcusable. For example, a farmer may get drunk, get into his tractor, and run over a farm worker, resulting in his death. The farmer did not have ill intentions or plans to kill, however, the fact that he acted negligently could result in this type of murder charge.

Conspiracy murder charges may be used in cases when multiple people plan or act toward murdering another person. The person who actually causes the loss of life is generally charged with murder. Any others who are discovered to have helped to plan or aided the murderer can be charged with conspiracy. It is important to note that conspiracy to commit murder charges are often brought against individuals even when the victims do not die.


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Post 3

What is the charge if I wanted to kill someone and I tell him that I want to kill him but when I came to his home he is already dead?

Post 2

Oasis11 - I heard about that case. I thought it was disgraceful. I really hope that she serves prison time because she needs to think about the life that she took and she also needs a way to become clean and off alcohol because she is obviously out of control.

I think that if we had tougher measures for drunk driving offenses maybe some people would think twice before they get behind the wheel.

Post 1

I know the some dui charges can lead to vehicular homicide which is a felony dui charge that results in the death of a person as a result of the driver’s intoxication.

I remember the case of the former Melrose actress Amy Locane that was charged with vehicular homicide for killing a women and injuring her husband while driving drunk.

The authorities reported that it was her second accident that day because she was involved in a hit and run a few hours earlier.

I think that the first time that a person is pulled over for drunk driving should be a felony. We should not have to wait for a person to die in order for the charges to be upgraded. Drunk driving is a reckless and dangerous act that often kills innocent people.

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