What are the Different Types of Mp4 Editing Software?

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There are quite a few different types of MP4 editing software programs available, and these programs often focus on particular types of files and can be found in a wide range of prices. Some programs are designed for editing audio files, and offer a number of different features for this purpose. Other MP4 editing software programs are created for use in editing video MP4 files. These programs often include a number of different utilities and options such as splitting one video into multiple parts and assembling one video from a number of separate videos.

MP4 editing software is a program designed and developed to help someone edit one or more MP4 files. An MP4 file is a specific file type for media technically referred to as MPEG-4 or MPEG-4 Part 14, which can contain audio, video, and other metadata as well. These types of files are often used for streaming audio and video, though files used only for audio will often be converted to M4A or MPEG-4 Audio files. MP4 editing software can be used to edit MP4 files in a number of different ways, and both commercial products that can be rather expensive and downloadable freeware programs are available.


One of the most common types of MP4 editing software is a program specifically designed for use in editing audio files. These programs will often allow an editor to convert between different file types, usually related file types like MP3 and M4A, and to compress files for easier streaming on the Internet. This type of program will also often allow an editor to combine multiple audio tracks into a single longer track, split a long track into smaller pieces, and layer audio files together. An MP4 editing software program may also allow an editor to include metadata on a file such as the track title, recording artist, and set security preferences for licensing.

MP4 editing software can also be developed specifically for use in editing video files or multimedia files containing both audio and video. These programs will typically allow an editor to combine multiple video files or split a video file into separate files. The editor will often be able to manipulate audio on a video track as well, usually isolated from the video, allowing an editor to change the audio or add new audio to a video. An editor using MP4 editing software can also typically export the final video to a compressed format for streaming, add metadata, and alter the final resolution of the exported or saved video file.


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