What are the Different Types of Moped Parts?

Patrick Roland

A moped is a low-powered motorcycle featuring a great deal of different part options. Moped parts include everything from various engine components, drive chain options, metering devices for speed and distance, and a variety of tires and lights. Some parts are available with customization options, but many simply function as replacements for items on a moped that have broken or worn down over time.

A moped operates on two wheels.
A moped operates on two wheels.

The moped engine offers the most extensive number of options when selecting parts. This device is constructed of dozens of intricate parts that work together to propel the moped. These moped parts include pistons, carburetors, crankshafts, and camshafts. Many other parts comprise an engine including fuel pumps and oil pumps that transport important fluid around the engine. Mopeds offer different engine sizes and types, usually measured by cubic centimeters, and parts differ based on this engine size distinction.

Odometers keep track of distance traveled.
Odometers keep track of distance traveled.

The drive chain system also provides a variety of moped parts. This is where a motor's power source is connected to the rear wheel in order to propel the vehicle. The moped's clutch is a necessary part for this process because it adjusts the gears as the throttle increases. Gears, too, are important parts that are available in a variety of sizes and tooth counts. The drive chain connects the engine to the rear wheel, thereby offering many choices in lengths, materials, and densities.

Metering devices are important moped parts because they keep the rider informed of various performance aspects. Speedometers are popular variants that give an accurate reading of how fast the vehicle is traveling. Tachometers give the rider an idea of how many RPMs the engine is turning. Odometers keep track of distance traveled. These parts also come in a wide variety of types ranging from traditional needle reading devices to digital options.

Depending on the type of performance the rider demands, tires are an important option for mopeds. These moped parts are offered in slick and treaded versions. Slicks are traditionally used in performance and racing situations, while treaded tires are best for off-road riding.

Lights provide a wide variety of ways for mopeds to gain visibility. Head and taillights are often necessary in many countries to make a moped street legal. Turn signal lights are also needed for a rider to drive on the road. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and intensities to meet a moped rider's needs.

Mopeds use carburetors, just as some cars do.
Mopeds use carburetors, just as some cars do.

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