What are the Different Types of Mold Removal Products?

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A variety of mold removal products are marketed to remove stubborn fungi and prevent its spread to other locations. A few different types of products commonly used in mold cleaning include sprays, indoor foggers and organic mold removal products. Bleach may also be used for removing fungi, but may cause added health concerns and is, therefore, not always the most recommended ingredient for getting rid of mold. Safe, effective mold removal products may be purchased at hardware stores or from online vendors.

Mold removal products do not always work on certain surfaces. For instance, mold can survive quite easily on porous surfaces, such as wood and textiles, despite rigorous mold cleaning efforts. Even with repeated applications of a mold killing product, mold may survive on these surfaces, which is why health experts recommend disposing of porous objects that have become infected with mold as necessary and whenever possible.

Most mold removal products contain biocides, which are chemicals able to kill living organisms. In the United States, certain biocides have government approval for the use of killing mold. Effective mold cleaning products containing biocides will feature registration numbers issued by the Environmental Protection Agency on the outside of each container.


Mold removal products come in various different forms and each is effective in its own way. Spray fungicides are effective in that they may be used for places where mold is growing, but that are hard to reach by hand. By repeatedly spraying a fungicide directly on molded surfaces, the fungus can be killed. Some mold sprays also help form a barrier that stops new mold from attaching to previously treated surfaces.

Specially formulated products have been approved for organic mold removal. Such products do not contain any synthetic chemicals or bleach, nor are they accompanied by any harsh fumes that may cause lung and eye irritation. These products work by changing the genetic makeup of mold, thus, renders it powerless and stunts its growth. Organic mold removal products are sold for commercial, industrial and residential use.

Mold removal products also come in the form of foggers. These are commonly used in enclosed spaces that have been attacked by mold, but that are difficult to reach by hand, such as crawl spaces or air and heating ducts. Some mold cleaning foggers may also be circulated throughout air control systems to spread the product throughout other systems and rooms.


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Post 3

I think bleach is the best mold removal product. I don't know why people buy products specifically labeled for mold removal. Many of those products contain bleach as well, and regular bleach mixed with some water will work just as well.

Of course, bleach is not a great thing and the fumes can be harmful. But if the room is ventilated and if the person is wearing a mask, it will be fine. And bleach gets rid of mold effectively and helps prevent mold from returning as well.

Post 2

@bear78-- Have you tried soap and water and vinegar? Vinegar is natural but it's fairly strong. You can make your own mold removal spray with vinegar and some water. You can spray this on the mold to kill it. Don't add too much water though or the solution will be too weak to work.

I've also heard that hydrogen peroxide might work for mold but I've never tried it so I'm not sure. Another way to get rid of mold naturally is to ventilate the area. Mold cannot grow in dry area. It needs moisture and warmth. So fix any leaks from pipes in the cabinet and keep the cabinet open to allow air to circulate.

Post 1

I want to use an environmentally friendly product to remove mold in the cabinet under my sink. I've actually tried a few of them but they did not work. This mold is either very stubborn or those products are rubbish. I'd like to try all natural alternatives before trying chemicals though. There has to be a natural way to get rid of mold.

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