What are the Different Types of Modular Wall?

Sheri Cyprus

Modular wall products are available in many different types from cloth cubicle walls to metal warehouse dividers. Modular office walls are also called partitions or partition wall systems. A typical modular wall system is shipped in pieces that need to be assembled. Each modular kit usually contains panels plus the fittings or connectors.

Cubicles can be easily broken down and reconfigured.
Cubicles can be easily broken down and reconfigured.

Some types of cloth-covered office cubicles are movable walls that can be placed in different configurations. These office cubicle walls may be able to be adjusted to different heights to better fit each unique work space. Cloth modular walls may be padded to increase sound absorption.

Some contemporary modular walls are constructed of wood and opaque glass, allowing little privacy.
Some contemporary modular walls are constructed of wood and opaque glass, allowing little privacy.

Acrylic modular wall panels may be smooth or textured. Clear acrylic panels give the look of windows in modular walls. Both cloth and acrylic cubicle walls may have shelving and cabinets to create an inner cubicle while presenting a plain outer wall surface. A modular wall system often fits together to form a block of cubicles such as six or eight that share common walls.

Some modular wall systems are very plain and basic, while others are deluxe. A higher end modular system is usually padded and features a lot of storage options in its inner walls. In some work areas, only one or two prefabricated walls may be used, such as to separate a table of office equipment from a reception area. A modular wall may serve to hide office mess and add style. Some of these movable walls are covered in attractive cloth in stylish patterns or appealing accent colors such as red to add warmth to reception space.

Modular office walls are made in a variety of colors and patterns, but generally solid neutral colors such as gray or navy are the least expensive. Extra padded modular, movable walls may be more expensive than thinly padded ones, but may reduce noise better. There are types of modular walls to suit any commercial space.

Prefabricated walls are not just made for office settings, but also to divide work areas in warehouses. For example, a modular wall system could be used to create walkways within warehouse space or be set up to enclose equipment or office space in warehouses. Modular walls are usually designed with quick installation in mind, as companies don't want to take a lot of time on wall assembly.

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