What are the Different Types of Modern Home Decorations?

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Modern design is a form of architectural and artistic aesthetic characterized by functionality, simplicity, and geometric artistry. Many people enjoy this type of design style for its daring shapes and appearance of architectural lightness. Modern home decorations come in many types and can be important to consolidating a modern theme within a home. In some ways, everything from furniture to dishes in a modern home serves both a decorative and functional purpose.

Some modern home decorations are actually essential furnishings. Since one of the main principles of modern design is functionality, even things like chairs and tables can be considered modern home decorations. Furnishings in modern homes are often sleek, simple, and geometric. Common materials include steel, polished wood, and plastic. Some furnishings are inspired by the simplicity of classical 19th century Japanese design, while others have evolved from African or European influences.

When choosing modern home decorations, color is a very important factor. Most modern design aesthetic favor the use of solid, clear shades that contrast one another. Red, black, white, and ice blue are common colors for modern home decorations. Ornamentation through added color is usually avoided, so functional materials such as stone, polished wood, and steel, are generally left unadorned.


Light and lighting are important parts of modern decor. Many modern homes are designed to take full advantage of natural light, incorporating glass windows and walls wherever possible. Modern lighting fixtures are often influenced by industrial design; floor and table lamps are often made of metal and have flexible heads that allow for the adjustment of light. Inset lighting is also popular, as it helps reduce clutter. Traditional chandelier styles can be replaced with hanging lights that are inspired by Japanese origami or paper lanterns; these lights often serve as a kind of visual centerpiece of function art.

Modern home decorations also include various types of art and wall decor Lighting is often enhanced by mirrors that help enhance existing light fixtures. Modern art prints and sculptures are often popular, though care must be taken not to clutter a space with too many artifacts. Wall decals and murals can help add color contrast and drama to a room; these often take the form of natural objects, such as flower and trees. Clocks with abstract or unusual shapes are another common type of modern home decorations.

Finding the best modern home decorations can take time and patience. Since the goal of modern design is to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional, decorators may have to search extensively to find the right items for each room. To learn more about modern design, check out libraries and modern art museums to get a feel for the colors, tones, and materials common to the form.


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