What Are the Different Types of Modern Bedroom Designs?

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Modern bedroom designs can be anything from romantic bedroom furnishings to transitional concepts. A transitional design merges classic and modern together. Some modern bedrooms include American-made furniture, while others incorporate an Asian theme. Contemporary Italian bedroom designs may include a leather bed and headboard. Platform beds are popular in modern bedrooms, and these are often constructed of wood, metal, or leather.

Some modern bedroom designs include custom-made furnishings, such as handcrafted lamps or lighting fixtures. Unusual materials are also incorporated into many modern bedrooms. Wall tiles in bold colors or unusual patterns may also be used. Intricately designed shelving units or contemporary style laminate wardrobes are often used in modern bedroom designs.

Fitted bedrooms are one type of contemporary bedroom design that may require remodeling. To create a fitted bedroom, many people hire a professional contractor. Exact measurements must be taken to fit furnishings into the allotted space. Fitted modern bedroom designs offer a personalized look that often reflects the designer's personality.

Interior decorators may have interesting suggestions for various contemporary bedroom designs. Some of the more unusual designs for a modern bedroom include brick walls. Brick structured walls are popular for Asian-themed modern bedrooms. Additionally, faux stone may be used with brick to create a modern country design.

Some modern bedroom designs include wall decor, such as hand-painted murals. Abstract paintings are also popular for modern bedrooms. Wall designs may also include different textures for each wall, offering a very updated look.

Marble flooring is another popular choice for many modern bedroom designs. Gray, tan, and black marble flooring is popular for contemporary bedrooms. Modern accent rugs over hardwood flooring may also be used for contemporary designed bedrooms. Modern bedrooms often include the latest trends featured in decorating magazines.

Avant-garde designs for a modern bedroom may include custom-designed furnishings and accessories made of glass or marble. Avant-garde furniture is generally functional as well as fashionable. Simple furnishings such as functional beanbag chairs are often included in a modern bedroom.

Contemporary bedroom designs for children often include bedding in geometric patterns in bright colors. Modern children's furniture may also include beds in the shape of a race car, castle, or other appealing design. Children's modern bedroom designs may also be fitted for a customized look. Bedroom designs for children often reflect the child's interests and may include a music theme or sports theme.

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