What Are the Different Types of Mobile Phone Apps?

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There are mobile phone apps that provide a number of convenient services, such as maps, telephone numbers, and the weather. People may access news based on their preferences using mobile phone applications. They may also find and listen to music and easily calculate costs such as tips or interest.

As mobile phone use increases, so do the number of mobile phone apps. Some people rely on their phones for a wide range of tasks and capabilities, which largely eliminates the need for other devices. For example, instead of GPS systems in vehicles, many people rely on mapping applications on their mobile phones. These applications are generally able to detect a person's location, provide a map of the area, and allow her to enter an address before obtaining directions.

The increasing number of music related applications largely eliminates the need for devices such as MP3 players and radios. There are applications that allow individuals to search for music based on numerous preferences such as genre, artist, and popularity. Music can be organized and shared with others. It is also possible to stream music in much that same way as a person would listen to a traditional radio station.


There are a wide range of weather related mobile phone apps. These commonly offer many of the same features as are seen during a news broadcast. They provide individuals with current weather conditions and predictions for the hours or days ahead. They may allow individuals to view satellite images that show the path of storms. Some of these applications provide adverse weather warnings and others tell individuals what items they will need for a given day, such as umbrellas or sunglasses.

Food finder applications are great tools for individuals who commonly travel. These allow people to search for certain types of food or certain food items in a given area. They also provide users with the contact details and locations of restaurants that they may be interested in. There are also mobile phone apps that provide people with access to electronic telephone directories so that they can locate information for a wider range of businesses or even find residential contact information.

Some people have apps on their mobile phones that allow them access to news providers. These individuals may get constant updates from certain sources or regarding certain topics. Other people choose applications that allow them to access major headlines only when they activate the application. There are often features that allow individuals to filter the type of news that they are provided so that they do not have to waste time reading headlines that do not interest them.

There are also a wide range of mobile phone apps for calculating various costs. Some of these calculate the tips that should be provided for services. There are applications that can calculate interest. There are also those that convert units of measurement and various currencies.


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Post 3

@Logicfest -- Some console manufacturers have realized the potential for mobile games and have harnessed it. You can get a console that doesn't cost much, utilizes that big television screen and has controllers that feel great.

Oh, and a lot of those run mobile games. That's kind of the missing link between what consoles offer and what mobile platforms offer, huh? Of course, those will not replace consoles. They are just gaming consoles that are made in line with a somewhat unconventional philosophy.

Post 2

@Markerrag -- Mobile gaming may put consoles out of business one of these days, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Think about it. People like controllers they can hold an manipulate and that is why such a big deal is made out of a console's controller. You can't replicate that very well on a mobile device and that can detract from the experience.

I can't help but think there will always be a place for console games. Big screens and controllers that mold themselves to your hands are hard to beat.

Post 1

Don't forget about games. Look at the top sellers in any apps store and you will find plenty of games lining out that list. Those things run the gamut from simple things to deeply involved strategy games. Seeing how most of them are free or extremely cheap, there is no wonder they are so popular.

And they make great time killers. Those waits at the doctor's office, in line at the DMV, etc. have taken a lot of the boredom out of just sitting around and waiting for something happen (a far too frequent condition when you are an adult).

Some have theorized that mobile games will crush gaming consoles one of these days. That may happen.

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