What are the Different Types of Mobile Homes?

Sherry Holetzky

Mobile homes have come a long way. Once classified as "trailers," they are now more accurately referred to as "manufactured homes." Because they are built sturdier and are more aesthetically pleasing than ever before, many styles of mobile homes are difficult to tell apart from their brick and mortar counterparts. There are even two-story designs available that provide all the comforts of a customary home without the high price tag.

Singlewide is a standard design for mobile homes.
Singlewide is a standard design for mobile homes.

A standard design for mobile homes is the singlewide. This style is longer and narrower than an average house. Floor plans vary, but the singlewide is a favorite for young families and couples just starting out, because it offers many amenities while remaining the most affordable. The singlewide is also the best choice for a home that is likely to be moved, since it not only simpler to move, but less costly as well. The comfort and low price also make singlewides a great option for temporary housing while having a traditional home built.

Today's mobile homes offer luxurious amenities such as master suites with walk-in closets.
Today's mobile homes offer luxurious amenities such as master suites with walk-in closets.

Most doublewides are similar in design to an average ranch style house. They are manufactured in two pieces, which are attached to one another once they arrive at the home site. Some people fear that such a configuration will be less stable or will be more prone to leaks. The key to avoiding such problems is for consumers to purchase mobile homes only from reputable dealers that hire professionals to assemble them and guarantee the work.

The term multi-section manufactured homes can be applied to doublewides, but is most often used to distinguish triple wide designs and other large configurations. Triple wide homes are quite spacious and offer as many as five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Today's mobile homes offer luxurious amenities such as master suites that include walk-in closets, garden tubs, and sometimes Jacuzzis. They are tastefully appointed and more in line with customary home styling. Many also feature attractive architectural elements like bay windows and cathedral ceilings, and most come complete with new, top of the line appliances and fixtures.

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@ Anon2250- If the log home look is not your style, there are other very reasonable priced options in a more modern type of home. There are websites that have directories of architects and design firms worldwide that offer prefabricated, ecofriendly homes.

One kit home that I know of is called the LV house and it costs around $35,000 for the kit. The company is out of St Louis and they will ship the homes anywhere in the U.S. There are also companies that design micro homes, and rooftop lofts that can be perched atop the roof of tall city buildings. These homes are complete, only needing to be lifted up by crane.


@ Anon2250- They still do make smaller modular homes. I know of a company called spirit cabins that makes small one-bedroom one bathroom modular cabins with a deck. These homes can start as small as 690 square feet, and they look really nice. I'm sure there are plenty of other companies out there that make similar manufactured and mobile homes as well. I have seen homes smaller than a singlewide that are very reasonably priced, meet all local building codes, and are nice to look at. If you search for modular and kit homes or cabins, you should be able to find plenty of sources. I hope this helps.


A few years ago I saw trailers that were furnished. While I didn't believe the furnishing were really that great. My real interest was that they were smaller than even the single wide, probally shorter with one or two less rooms. I haven't been able to find these on line and the dealer that had them are a fare distance away. Could you tell me if these still exist?

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