What are the Different Types of Mini-Trampoline Exercises?

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A mini trampoline is an excellent and versatile piece of workout gear that offers a great aerobic workout without as much impact on the joints, and helps to involve all the muscles in the body to keep balance. There are a number of different mini-trampoline exercises that can be performed in addition to simple bouncing up and down on the trampoline. Jumping jacks, knee raises, or jogging are some of the most common; the mini trampoline can also be used for assistance doing push-ups or even crunches. As with any workout, varying the mini-trampoline exercises performed will make it both more fun and more effective.

Bouncing up and down on the trampoline with one foot or two feet is one of the most common mini-trampoline exercises because it is very effective. To make it more difficult, users can attempt to alternate feet, or to increase the speed in order to boost the heart rate. Knee raises on the mini trampoline are another excellent exercise that help to work the abs as well, and the same things can be done to make the exercise more difficult. Jogging on the trampoline, sometimes referred to as trogging, is another very effective exercise that is much lower impact on the body than traditional jogging on outdoors or on a treadmill.


It is important to get the arms involved when doing mini-trampoline exercises as well. Adding punches to any of the leg exercises mentioned above could accomplish this; just be sure not to straighten the arm all the way out when punching, which can injury, or damage the joints. Keep a slight bend in the elbow. Raising the arms over the head, as in jumping jacks, can also be another good option. It is important to always be careful on the mini trampoline, and to use a support bar when jumping or twisting if necessary to prevent falls.

Even though it may not be as common, the mini trampoline can be used for floor exercises as well. Some people balance on the frame of the trampoline and use it to do push-ups, either with the knees bent to make it easier, or with the legs straight. Crunches are another type of unexpectedly effective mini-trampoline exercises. Lying on the trampoline and trying to lift both the upper body and the legs at the same time can be a fairly difficult exercise, as well as simple traditional crunches. The "give" of the trampoline will make the crunches more difficult.


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If you have a choice in surface size when shopping around for a mini trampoline, choose one that has a lot of space. The more room you have to exercise on it, the more you can concentrate on the movements of your workout. More trampoline space will also decrease the risk of misjudging the surface and hurting your feet or legs.

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If you choose to use a mini trampoline for exercises, it is important to be safe while using it. If you don't use it the right way, you could end up with a sprained ankle or other injuries.

When you get your mini trampoline, start by reading all of the instructions. Make sure that you put it together properly, and that all of the hardware is sturdy and secure. Next, familiarize yourself with the area that you have to workout on so you don't misjudge it and fall off.

Finally, start your workout slowly, and build up to faster movements. This will give you time to adjust to working out on a trampoline surface and help prevent accidents.

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