What are the Different Types of Mini Dirt Bike Parts?

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Mini dirt bike parts can be purchased from most motocross supply stores, and the parts can be combined to build a full mini dirt bike. From frames to gas tanks, and from throttle assemblies to tires, mini dirt bike parts come in a variety of categories that can be purchased to build a bike or simply repair an existing assembled bike. For repairs, tires are perhaps the most commonly purchased and installed mini dirt bike parts, though grips are a close second, as these two components are most likely to wear out quickly. Body panels that break during use are also commonly purchased and replaced.

Less commonly replaced mini dirt bike parts include gas tanks and frames, as well as engines, though these parts can be purchased when building up a new bike or on the rare occasion when they break on an existing model. Frames are generally built to be stout, though if a rider who is too large for the mini dirt bike rides the bike consistently, a frame can potentially break, requiring replacement. Gas tanks do not generally need replacing unless a crack develops and fuel leaks out, which is possible but not common. Engines go through a lot of wear throughout the life of the mini bike, though components that make up the engine are more likely to be replaced than the entire engine itself.


Suspension units are mini dirt bike parts that can be replaced should they blow out during use. Rear shocks and forks bear a large brunt of the force associated with mini dirt bike riding, so they are likely to wear out over time. Like engines, however, individual parts of the shocks and fork are more likely to be replaced than the entire shock or fork unit. The entire unit is usually replaced if the rider wants to upgrade to a stronger or stiffer shock or fork, though if the unit is damaged beyond repair, it may be completely replaced. Bushings and bearings that hold the shock in place are perhaps the most commonly replaced parts associated with shocks.

When building a new mini dirt bike from scratch, the builder will have to purchase all the components new if the bike is not purchased as a kit. Handlebars, body panels, tires, wheels, a chain, cogs, throttle systems, braking systems, and all the other components of the bike may need to be purchased individually.


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