What are the Different Types of Mini Bike Parts?

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Just like standard sized motorcycles, there is a world of mini bike parts available to repair and customize a cycle. Mini bikes come in many different styles and frequently parts differ from style to style. With each bike setup, owners have many choices for the frame, engine, wheels, steering, and body. In most cases, there are several options for the same part, depending on the type of performance and cost involved.

The frame is one of the most unique mini bike parts an owner can buy and is the foundation for the entire bike. A frame is constructed from metal tubing and welded together to hold the various components of a bike in place. Frame shape dictates the style of mini bike and ranges from a pocket bike and pit bike to mini choppers, mini quad bikes, and midi motos.

Engines are also an important element of mini bike parts. No matter what the style, mini bikes have relatively small engines compared to standard motorcycles; these motors have just as many options as bigger models, however. The biggest differences are between a two-stroke engine and a four-cycle engine; each uses a different fuel and has benefits and drawbacks. Electric two-stroke engines are also available and offer an interesting twist on standard-fueled motors. Inside an engine, a mini bike has many different parts, including gears, air filters, bearings, and crankshafts.


Wheels take up a surprising majority of options when dealing with mini bike parts. Tires offer a wide variety of treaded and smooth styles for riders. Treaded tires are designed for off-road riding and smoother tires are made specifically for street riding and racing. Many riders add flair to their bike by adding special hubs and rims. Rims do not effect the performance of the bike, but are usually chosen for aesthetic value.

Steering and braking options offer a variety of mini bike parts. Varying between stock parts and high-performance models, handlebars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Accelerator and brake grips are also available. Clutch pedals also offer variety; large pedals make off-road shifting easier while smaller pedals are for racing.

A bike's body is a type of part that offers a lot of personality for riders. Some bikes use only fenders to keep the mud from riders' faces and eliminate weight while off-roading. For street bikes, there are a variety of nose, side panel, and front and rear farings. These come in many sizes, colors, and designs to provide riders with a custom look.


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