What Are the Different Types of Microwave Desserts?

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Microwave desserts are a good option for those who want to make a sweet treat without spending lots of time in the kitchen or heating up the house by turning on the oven. Many people do not realize that several different types of dessert can be prepared in the microwave. Among the easiest microwave desserts to prepare are chocolate-dipped fruits. It is also possible to make candies like fudge and flavored barks in the microwave. Even sponge cakes can be prepared in minutes using the microwave.

Chocolate-dipped fruits are one of the simplest kinds of microwave desserts to make. Preparing this type of dessert involves melting chopped chocolate or chocolate chips along with, depending upon the recipe, additional ingredients like cream or vanilla. For chocolate fondue, sliced fruits can be skewered, dipped into the melted chocolate, and eaten immediately. Alternatively, cooks can dip fruits and allow them to rest on waxed paper until the chocolate has hardened into a sweet shell. For additional flavor, the fruit can be sprinkled with toppings such as chopped nuts or shredded coconut before the chocolate has begun to dry.


With a bit of adjustment, some traditional candies also work well as microwave desserts. For instance, by heating butter, chocolate pieces, and cream in the microwave and then blending them with confectioner’s sugar and vanilla, it is possible to make fudge without the need to linger over the stovetop. Flavored barks, such as peppermint bark and chocolate bark, can also be made in the microwave. To make this treat, melted candy pieces are combined with additional ingredients like peppermint essence or chopped nuts, spread into a prepared pan, and allowed to harden.

Many busy cooks are happy to learn that even single-serving sponge cakes can be prepared in the microwave. To prepare one of these cakes, ingredients such as flour, sugar, oil, salt, and vanilla extract are combined in a cereal bowl or large mug. The mug or bowl is then placed in the microwave and cooked for approximately two minutes. Those interested in preparing microwave sponge cake or other microwave desserts can find a wealth of recipes on Internet-based cooking sites.


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