What are the Different Types of Mexican Lizard?

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Some of the different types of Mexican lizard are the Mexican bearded lizard, the Mexican spiny-tailed iguana, and the Mexican plateau horned lizard. The Mexican collared lizard is another variety. Mexican collared lizards are sometimes referred to as ring-necked lizards. The gila monster is a lizard native to the southwestern United States as well as regions of Sonora, Mexico. All lizards belong to the class known as reptiles.

A type of lizard known as the pygmy alligator lizard is another type of Mexican lizard that got its name from its unique appearance. Its length and rough skin gives this lizard the appearance of an alligator. It is sometimes known as the Mexican alligator lizard. Most species of this lizard prefer to reside in vegetation such as tree limbs and other plants. This Mexican lizard can be found in mountain regions.

Mexican bearded lizards are large and may produce a venomous bite. This Mexican lizard is typically about 35 inches long (89 cm). They can live up to 25-35 years. Most bearded lizards live in the Sonora region of Mexico, although some originate from Guatemala. These lizards have been known to consume small animals, including mice and birds although their diet consists primarily of vegetation.


The other venomous lizard of the Mexican territory is the gila monster. These poisonous types of lizard originate from parts of Mexico as well as the Western United States. They prefer to dwell in soil and desert areas. These lizards also consume small birds and rodents. Smaller than its cousin, the Mexican bearded, Gila monsters are typically lighter in color.

The Mexican plateau horned lizard does not resemble a typical lizard in appearance. Somewhat more stout and full, it resembles a toad. This has become an endangered species due to capture and decline of their natural habitat. These types of lizard do not prefer sandy regions, but tend to dwell in areas with tall grass. The name of the horned lizard originates from the appearance of spiny horns on the skin.

Banded geckos are a type of lizard native to northwestern Mexico. These lizards may also be found in southwestern desert regions of the United States. They are small, averaging about 4 inches (10 cm) in length. Many people prefer to raise geckos as house pets as they are easily tamed. Desert banded geckos can live approximately 12-16 years.

If kept as a pet, a Mexican lizard such as a gecko requires proper housing in the way of tanks and a hiding place to retreat to. A lizard cage may also be used. A more suitable environment and one often recommended by experts, is something known as a vivarium. Proper heating is also necessary for these reptiles as they prefer a warm environment.


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