What are the Different Types of Metal Gutters?

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There are many different types of metal gutters available on the market. Gutters can be made from metals such as aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. The most commonly used type of metal gutters is aluminum. Each kind of gutter has its own advantages.

Aluminum gutters come in two types: primary and secondary. Secondary aluminum means that the materials that make up the gutter are recycled. This may be good for the environment, but many times this type of gutter is not as thick as it should be, or it has weak spots in it. Primary aluminum is quite thick throughout the entire gutter, so weak spots will not be as much of an issue.

Metal gutters made from aluminum hold a lot of water, do not rust, and can typically be found in a variety of colors that will match the siding on the house on which they will be installed. They are available in both seamed and seamless varieties. When it comes to water, they generally are durable, although they can easily be bent if a tree branch falls on them or a ladder is leaned up against them.


Steel gutters are extremely durable types of metal gutters. There are two kinds: stainless steel and galvanized steel. Galvanized gutters are quite strong and usually can withstand any pounding that nature can bring, but they will rust over time. Stainless steel provides everything that galvanized steel does but does not rust. For this reason, stainless steel is more expensive than galvanized steel.

Gutters made out of steel do have their disadvantages. They are difficult to install and they usually do not come in as many colors as aluminum. Painting them can be difficult as well.

Copper is another material that is used for metal gutters. It is usually quite expensive, and it is not available in any other color than its natural color. Most people do not purchase this type of gutter because of the cost associated with it. It does have its advantages though: copper does not rust, it can be considered beautiful, and it never needs paint.

Almost all metal gutter installation has to be done by a professional. This guarantees that the job is done right and that the gutters do not leak when it rains. No matter how great the material is, if the metal gutters are not installed correctly, they will not be able to do their job.


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We want new roof gutters. What material should we use? Is .5mm gulvalume sheet better or 1.2 mm galvanised or .5 mm ss and which is more costly?

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