What Are the Different Types of Metal Awnings?

Dana DeCecco

Metal awnings are available in a variety of styles and designs. Aluminum and steel are the materials typically used to fabricate metal awnings. Elegant designs can be created using copper and stainless steel. Different manufacturers offer prefabricated and custom built models that protect windows, doors, and patios from the elements while adding aesthetic value. A wide assortment of metal awning colors and styles provide choices that will complement any home or structure.

A metal awning might be made from sheet metal.
A metal awning might be made from sheet metal.

Aluminum metal awnings are available in professionally installed and do-it-yourself kits. Some of these kits can be custom designed and come complete with engineered drawings. Frame and post members can be steel or aluminum. Some patio covers are insulated with polystyrene foam and may include a built in gutter. All metal awnings should be engineered for snow load and wind resistance.

Steel awnings are typically cut to size then coated with a weather and rust resistant coating.
Steel awnings are typically cut to size then coated with a weather and rust resistant coating.

Awnings made of steel are typically coated with a weather resistant and rust resistant finish. Most steel awnings are sold for commercial use or as an additional feature for steel outbuildings. Steel awnings can be fabricated by a contractor or homeowner using metal roofing products. Metal roofing comes in an assortment of colors and panel designs. A pressure treated wood or metal frame can be constructed with steel panels easily attached.

Copper and stainless steel awnings are usually custom fabricated by local awning dealers. The available styles are virtually unlimited. Copper and stainless generally maintain a natural appearance and are used extensively in historic restorations. Brass and galvanized awnings are uncommon but can be made by suppliers that deal in copper awnings. These types require special tools and skills that are normally beyond the means of the average homeowner.

Some of the more common awning designs are flat, wedge, and concave. These styles are typically seen in aluminum awnings and are the most widely used. Bell shaped, dome, and shell awnings are custom fabricated using copper or stainless steel sheet metal. Custom made awnings are substantially more expensive than common aluminum awnings and may take more time for design, construction, and installation.

Scrolls that support awnings above doors and windows also come in different styles. Single, double, and three point scrolls are common examples. Metal awnings can be closed or open on the sides depending on customer preference. Awning configurations can be adapted for nearly any situation.

Support systems and posts for patio awnings are usually steel or a heavy grade of aluminum. A variety of structural supports are available from suppliers. Aluminum products offer the largest variety of colors. Online resources and retailers provide details, specifications and pictures of many types of metal awnings. Local home improvement stores carry a large variety of manufacturers and suppliers.

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