What are the Different Types of Mental Health Facility?

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Mental health services are offered in a variety of settings. How a person determines the best treatment facility can depend on numerous factors, such as the type and severity of the mental illness and the person’s financial ability. One example of a mental health facility is a private practice. Another example is a residential mental health facility.

The most basic type of mental health facility is a private practice. This is often little more than an office that a mental health professional utilizes to render mental health services. A private practice can also consist of several offices where several mental health professionals operate within the same business. These types of facilities can be located in a home, an office park, or in a medical plaza. Seeking treatment from a private practice often involves a great deal of patient expense.

A local mental health clinic can be a good option for those who need help but who are uninsured or who do not have much money. Such a mental health facility is usually government-funded or operates by way of grants. Since this is the case, patients are often charged based on their ability to pay. Those without income may receive services for free.


The staff that is available at mental health clinics can vary. Sometimes patients will only be treated by therapists or counselors. Others may have access to specialized psychologists. Most local mental health clinics do not offer in-patient services.

Those who need in-patient services may choose a psychiatric hospital, sometimes called an asylum. This option is suitable for those who need both short-term and long-term care. Generally, people go to an asylum when their mental illness is considered severe. In many cases, these people are a risk to themselves or to others. Some people go to these facilities because they are forced.

A psychiatric hospital is usually structured similar to a regular hospital. There will generally be a full medical staff on-site. These hospitals are usually divided into wards. One is usually equipped to deal with emergencies. Others may be designated based on age, sex, or severity of mental illness. Some of these facilities are state-sponsored, which can reduce or alleviate costs.

People with permanent mental health conditions may utilize assisted living facilities. These provide a range of care for people who cannot fully care for themselves and who may not have family capable of caring for them. In such a facility, those receiving services are often referred to as residents instead of patients.

The residents of a mental health assisted living facility are often allowed to live generally normal lives. They may be permitted to work if they are able. They can often receive visitors and leave the facility to visit others without great restriction. Services rendered by the facility often include housekeeping, meals, and activities. For those whose problems are more inhibiting, a greater range of services may be provided.


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Post 3

Mental health counselors and adolescent mental health facilities are getting more news time than they did in the past because of all of the recent mass shootings. These shootings can happen anywhere, but the ones that take place in schools are particularly frightening to me.

Post 2

I don't want to speak negatively about the mental health facilities we have. Some of them are a long way from ideal, but there are places where the staff members are doing everything they can to help the patients they serve.

My biggest complaint about mental health facilities and mental health treatment programs is there are not enough of them We need to get to a point in this world where anyone with any type of mental health problem knows where he or she can find quality help, and where he or she knows that everyone will be accepted for treatment.

Post 1

I have family members who as they got older spent time in assisted living facilities. My aunt had dementia really bad and couldn't live on her own anymore without possibly hurting herself. She would forget and leave the stove on, and she would wander in the woods. There were times when she would just forget to eat, so the family decided it was time to put her in a home.

In the facility where she was, you had a lot of people with Alzheimer's and other mental problems, so the facility was more like a mental health inpatient facility than a rest home or retirement home.

I think the government or the medical community or somebody needs to do a better job of treating people with mental problems and not just sticking them in retirement homes with the elderly people who are just forgetful. That's not fair to anyone.

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