What Are the Different Types of Men's Haircuts?

Patti Kate

Men's haircuts can vary drastically in length and may include spiky hairstyles, trendy haircuts, and celebrity style haircuts. Some trendy men's haircut styles make a statement, but may not be in style for very long. Men's haircuts for those with thinning hair generally focus on adding dimension and volume. Military style haircuts are cropped and often razor cut. A soft curl men's haircut is ideal for men with slightly wavy hair, and is generally short to medium in length.

Hair styles can hide -- or reveal -- a receding hairline.
Hair styles can hide -- or reveal -- a receding hairline.

Spiked men's haircuts will typically require more maintenance than more traditional styles. Some type of cream, hair mousse, or gel will be needed to hold the style all day and keep the spikes erect. For men whose occupations keep them physically active, the spiky haircut style may not be the perfect choice.

Dreadlocks are formed by tightly twisting hair into textured sections.
Dreadlocks are formed by tightly twisting hair into textured sections.

A short men's haircut called the pompadour became stylish in the 1950s, when the rockabilly musical artists made them popular. This style also requires some maintenance, such as a mousse or cream to hold the style. A wide-toothed comb may be used to create this look. Many pompadour men's haircuts are topped off with a curl over the forehead.

Military men often choose the Ivy League men's haircut. This hairstyle is simple and short, with the sides almost shaved. The hair on top of the head will be slightly fuller.

Crew cuts are often favored by men and boys during warm summer months or in warm climates. Flat tops and buzz cuts are very similar to crew cuts. In all of these hairstyles, the sides will be shaved or cut close to the head, much like the Ivy League, although in some cases the top of the hair will be textured and styled somewhat different.

A shaggy layered haircut is often given to men with very fine or thinning hair. This is done by adding a few layers on top and giving the hair a windblown or tousled look. Men with a receding hairline may prefer a cropped style that adds some texture to the top and back of the hairline.

Men's classic haircuts involve hair slicked back with hair cream. These are short- to medium-length styles and may be parted off to one side. Slicked-back classic men's hairstyles are often reserved for evenings out on the town.

Lengthy men's haircuts may be layered or pulled back off the face. Some celebrities with long hair styles for men are Jon Bon Jovi and Axl Rose. Dreadlocks also are popular with singers Lenny Kravitz and Eddy Grant. Dreadlock haircuts are created by twisting hair tightly into textured sections.

Some men prefer very short hair, such as a buzz cut.
Some men prefer very short hair, such as a buzz cut.

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@Apunkin- I think that's a very individual decision, one that should be decided based on his maturity level, the sort of people he hangs out with, and what the hairstyle he wants says about the youth in your community.

Like you, I prefer short hair cuts, but my son, now seventeen, likes his hair long and straight. Sometimes he puts it in a pony tail, which I can’t stand. I let him decide for himself from the beginning, but that was worked for us. Your son might need more guidance.


My son is thirteen and wishes to wear his hair spiked in a mock mohawk. I prefer short men's haircut styles.

At what age should I let him decide for himself which hairstyle to wear?

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