What Are the Different Types of Meeting Coordinator Jobs?

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When companies or other organizations want to host an event gathering of professionals, most hire a meeting coordinator, also known as a conference coordinator or event planner, to oversee the details. Generally, meeting coordinator jobs are responsible for the planning and organization of details leading up to the event date. The planning aspect may require meeting coordinators to cover a broad range of tasks. Organization is generally an important skill as meeting coordinator jobs must determine the appropriate format based on the organizing entity's objectives.

Conference coordinators are responsible for planning out several detailed steps of an event. These steps generally include selecting a site to host the event and contacting presenters. Other steps leading up to the event date might include arranging catering of meals and preparing conference materials.

The size of the event may determine the level of tasks those with meeting coordinator jobs must fulfill. Large scale events often require many important logistical steps to ensure details are not overlooked. Such important details include securing presenters and confirming site availability. Small events, such as a meeting for one department, might involve tasks for fewer attendees within the company. These tasks could include reserving a meeting space, sending electronic invitations to employees to attend, ordering meals, and securing audio-visual needs.


Pertaining to the event site, meeting coordinators may work closely with a representative of the venue. This interaction is normally required to determine if the venue can accommodate the date, number of attendees, meals, audio-visual equipment, and any other necessities. Another responsibility for this task includes securing a contract agreement with the representative of the event site.

Once the venue is secured, the event planner begins organizing the remaining details of the event. This may include preparing conference materials. Some meeting coordinator jobs are also responsible for communicating with presenters to determine needs such as travel arrangements, presentation aids, and a stipend for participation.

Preparation for the event date usually requires the administration of details before and during the event. Before the event, meeting coordinators will secure hotel accommodations for presenters and prepare conference materials, for example. During the event, most tasks involve handling attendee registration and ensuring meeting rooms are ready before the start of a session.

At the end of the event, meeting coordinators may need to assess the event’s success. Typically, attendees and presenters receive surveys to provide feedback on all aspects of the event. This can assist the meeting coordinator with making arrangements for a future event.

Within some companies, meeting coordinator jobs may also require overseeing the costs associated with the event. Meeting coordinators might need to forecast the costs and ensure expenditures stay within the budget. These costs usually include payment to presenters, catering, and the venue contract fulfillment.


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