What Are the Different Types of Mediterranean Decor?

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Mediterranean decor includes interior decorations such as wall art, as well as functional pieces of furniture. Mediterranean decor may include pieces that are hand crafted by artisans from the Mediterranean or it may be achieved by using reproductions of Mediterranean-style antiques. Spanish and Italian designed lamps and light fixtures are popular home decorations used in Mediterranean-style houses. Unique Mediterranean decor also includes Spanish pottery and wrought-iron accessories.

Bedroom quilts and hand-sewn throws are other pieces that may be used in Mediterranean decor. Mediterranean wall art often includes colorful tapestries in rustic shades of orange and green. This style of decor also often features paintings in classic Spanish or Italian styles. Mediterranean architecture can be depicted in murals and wall art as well.

It is not uncommon to find tapestry pillows with a Mediterranean design. Mediterranean-inspired throw pillows can complement an Italian-style sofa or chair. Additionally, area rugs that are hand crafted with intricate detail can be part of the Mediterranean decor.

Choosing complementary accessories for the kitchen is an integral part of decorating a Spanish-style home. To give a home an authentic Mediterranean motif, accessories, such as copper pots and cast-iron pans, can be displayed on wrought iron racks and shelves. Dining rooms furnished with Mediterranean decor often are decorated with wrought-iron wine racks and candelabras. Wrought-iron chandeliers are also popular in Spanish-style homes.


Mediterranean-style furniture for the bedroom may include antique replica armoires and wardrobes. These pieces are often hand painted in bold colors, with red being most prominent. To complement the bedroom decor, hand-painted wall mirrors are often designed in colorful stained glass. Decor ideas for the bedroom also include ornate accessories, such as hand-carved headboards.

To complement a Mediterranean style home, entryway floors are often designed with mosaic tiles. Tiled counter tops in the kitchen or bathroom are also commonly seen in Mediterranean decor. Night stands and coffee tables may also have Mediterranean-styled tiling.

As part of Mediterranean decor, bedroom wallpaper will be designed in earth tones, such as terra cotta and amber. In addition, plastered walls may give the room a rustic appeal, reflecting the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Completing the look, wrought-iron candle sconces are often placed in the hallway of a Spanish- or Italian-styled home.


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