What Are the Different Types of Medieval MMOs?

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Within the larger genre of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, there are a number of medieval MMOs that have been designed in various ways. Many of these games are created so that a player makes a single character that serves as an avatar for him or her in the online environment. There are other games that are created as medieval MMOs in which a player controls a country or kingdom and then interacts with the lands of other players. Within these game types, there are different styles of MMOs including those designed as simulators of agriculture and exploration, and games in which players go to war against neighboring kingdoms.

Medieval MMOs are online games in which there is a persistent world in which players can create characters to interact with each other and experience the game. These settings are quite popular, especially fantastical versions of this time in human history. Games often include concepts such as knights, plate armor, and older weaponry like swords and battle axes. These more realistic elements are frequently combined with magic and fictional creatures like elves and trolls.


Some of the most common types of medieval MMOs are games in which a player makes a character who serves as a primary avatar for interacting with the game world. The character is used to explore the world and complete quests or missions, often for rewards that include in-game currency and the development of that character. Medieval MMOs can include many different types of gameplay, such as individual or solo content, group areas, and the ability for players to fight against each other.

There are also medieval MMOs in which players rule over a kingdom, rather than acting as a single character within that land. In these games, the player is able to make decisions over how resources are gathered and used to expand his or her domain. Armies are typically raised and grown, which can then be used to attack neighboring kingdoms, controlled by other players, or to defend an established realm. This is meant to simulate the development of different countries and lands in the history of medieval Europe.

Other medieval MMOs allow players to similarly occupy a particular region of the game world, but are more focused upon exploration and development of a kingdom. In these games, players are encouraged to plant crops and develop their resources to expand territory through peaceful means. Cooperation is often encouraged, since more players create additional opportunities for revenue by the company that developed and is running the game. These types of games can sometimes be played through social networking platforms or through Internet web browsers.


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