What are the Different Types of Medical Coordinator Jobs?

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One of several types of medical coordinator jobs is emergency medical service (EMS) coordinator, who are people who typically work in conjunction with paramedics. Medical staff coordinator jobs is another type, which involves direct interaction with personnel and faculty members. Other jobs in this classification include clinical medical coordinators and medical records coordinators. Assistant medical coordinator jobs typically involve working with a senior coordinator.

EMS medical coordinator jobs may involve working as a coordinator for cardiac life support or any number of emergency services. In some cases, the coordinator may be required to have training and experience in maintenance or repair work. This service may include coordinating work that needs to be done on the emergency transport vehicles. Ensuring the vehicles are working properly is typically one of the required duties.

Another responsibility of the EMS medical coordinator is to implement orientation and assist in training newly hired drivers. Ensuring the staff is well prepared is a top priority in most cases. This coordinator job will also consist of keeping records of necessary work orders or repairs. Inspecting equipment may be another essential duty.

Medical coordinator jobs that involve keeping records are officially known as medical records coordinator jobs. Scheduling appointments with patients and suppliers is part of the general duties involved. Answering telephone inquiries and supplying requested information in a medical setting or clinic is typically another main aspect.


Nutritional medical coordinators oversee all nutritional aspects and dietary needs in a medical setting. This coordinator may analyze nutritional content for various programs, and work directly with quality control specialists. She may also provide training to faculty members. To qualify for position, one may need to be a licensed nutritionist or nurse.

Pediatric medical coordinator jobs will involve working directly for pediatricians or in a pediatric setting or facility. These people will typically coordinate scheduling and appointments for pediatric patients. Bookkeeping tasks may also be a part of the assigned duties in pediatric medical coordinator jobs.

A different type of medical coordinator job might be a fund raising coordinator, in which someone would be dedicated to help raise funding for special needs. This specialist may help coordinate management and sales, including marketing projects. Contacting organizations and potential sponsors through leads and cold calling may be an essential part of this position. Developing new concepts and tactics for an approach to subsidize income may be another task involved.


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