What Are the Different Types of Media Gadgets?

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There are many different types of media gadgets available, with new gadgets and devices being introduced on an almost continual basis. Many of these gadgets take the form of portable media players, often combined with other devices, such as mobile phones and tablets that allow users to access many different types of media through a single device. There are also gadgets that can be used to better enable media access to other types of devices, such as a computer. Some media gadgets can also be used with televisions, allowing different types of media to be accessed and played through the television.

Media players are some of the most common and prolific media gadgets available on the market. These can be dedicated media devices, which are often used to play audio or video data through a handheld device, as well as gadgets that combine multiple features and functions. Mobile phones, for example, have become increasingly relevant to the media gadget industry as smart phones and new technology have increased the power of such devices. Such phones not only function as passive media gadgets, allowing someone to view different types of media over wireless networks, but also allow for active participation in social media through various programs and websites.


Tablets have become increasingly popular types of media gadgets, often combining different aspects of other devices. While many of these gadgets can be used to view text material, often as an e-book, there are also a number of devices that have had media player and mobile phone features integrated into their functionality. These gadgets provide users with many of the features found in other media players, but with a larger screen and more powerful internal components.

There are also a number of media gadgets that can be used to allow different types of devices and computer equipment to connect or function together more effectively. Some of these gadgets include cards that facilitate wireless connectivity between a digital camera and a wireless network. Some home media players can connect to a computer to stream audio from the Internet or that is saved on that computer. There are also media gadgets that can be used to connect standard telephones to computer systems to facilitate easier voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone calls.

Other types of media gadgets are designed to function with a television or other home entertainment system. These devices can often be connected to a television and to a wireless network, to allow online media to stream to the screen. Such devices can take advantage of numerous Internet video websites, allowing easy browsing and playback of online media including video and audio content.


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Post 3

@litearlly45-- I don't think that we're ever going to have a single device that can do everything. Have you tried writing documents on a tablet? It's more difficult than you'd think. A tablet can't replace a computer and there will always be some media gadgets out there that are irreplaceable.

Plus, the more functions a gadget has, the bigger/heavier it has to be. There is only so much they can fit into it.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- I agree with you. It is confusing. And it doesn't help that better stuff is coming out all the time. So it's possible to buy something and then completely regret the purchase a few months down the line because something much better came along. It's impossible to keep up.

Have you noticed that there is a trend to combine gadgets though? Before, we used to have different gadgets/devices for every function but now devices are combining functions. So phones are becoming music players and cameras and tablets are becoming small versions of computers that can do just as much.

I'm quite sure that somewhere down the line, all we'll need will be a single device that can do everything.

Post 1

There are a lot of different media gadgets out there, and they're all a little bit different from one another. It can be very confusing when one is shopping for one. I think I have found what I need (a tablet) but it took a lot of research and consideration. I decided against an "e-reader" or "e-book" reader because I realize that I may want to do other things like watch a video. The only downside is that the device doesn't have much memory, so it's not possible to store a lot of media on it.

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