What Are the Different Types of Media Analyst Jobs?

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Media analysts are responsible for studying the content being produced by various types of media firms and for gathering statistical data related to the industry as a whole. Television production companies and publishing firms employ large numbers of people in media analyst jobs. In some countries, government agencies including the defense department employ people in media analyst roles. Additionally, some analysts jobs are found at investment firms.

People employed in media analyst jobs at production companies and publishing firms are normally responsible for gathering and reviewing information related to sales and industry trends. These individuals are responsible for providing upper management with strategic advice. If industry wide data suggests that firms are seeking to reduce advertising costs related to certain kinds of media, the analysts must detect this trend and advise company managers to anticipate a revenue decline. Additionally, if advertisers take an interest in a new type of medium, successful analysts will predict this development and their employers will be well poised to take advantage of this eventuality.

Some analysts focus on studying data related to the media industry as a whole while other people employed in media analyst jobs concentrate their research on a specific type of medium. Many companies employ individuals to develop strategies for using social media. These individuals conduct research to learn about the demographics of social media users and how using these channels could benefit the company.


Government agencies employ people with second language skills in media analyst jobs. These individuals are responsible for monitoring media output in other nations. Politicians often review the reports compiled by these analysts before making international policy decisions. Additionally, the military may employ analysts so as to learn about the political mood in another nation prior to taking military action against it.

Since securities firms market and trade shares in media companies, many financial firms employ people in media analyst jobs. These analysts review industry data and attempt to make predictions about the future performance of specific companies and the industry as a whole. Securities firms use this information when making investment decisions. Additionally, securities ratings agencies rely on such data when grading the stocks and bonds that are issued by media firms.

Typically, a media analyst must have completed a college degree in journalism, advertising, business administration or a similar topic of study. Many firms also require analysts to have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in finance or a related subject. Some firms prefer to hire graduates who have industry related experience as journalists or advertisers. Government analyst jobs are normally only available to citizens of a particular nation who successfully pass a background check.


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