What Are the Different Types of MBA Prerequisites?

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Anyone who is thinking of going back to school to obtain a master of business administration (MBA) degree should be aware that there are numerous prerequisites that need to be met in order to get into the best programs. Although every school has its own set of MBA prerequisites, most of them generally revolve around the same categories. Most MBA programs will require candidates to submit their academic transcripts, submit all applicable standardized test scores and complete a series of essays, among other things. Some programs prefer that candidates have work experience as well.

Candidates' grade point averages (GPAs) are a major factor that admissions officials consider when accepting new students into their MBA programs. When applying to various MBA programs, candidates will need to submit their academic transcripts with their applications. These documents will indicate the courses taken and the grades.

The standardized test scores that are required to satisfy MBA prerequisites can vary greatly, depending on the school. Some schools accept scores only from a specific standardized test, and other schools will accept scores from a multitude of tests. Although standardized tests scores are MBA prerequisites of most schools, some programs do not require standardize test scores. Anyone who is considering applying to an MBA program must be sure to confirm whether the school requires standardize test scores and, if so, the specific test scores that are required.


Many MBA programs require prospective students to submit letters of recommendation and personal essays on a variety of topics. The MBA prerequisites for some programs also include completing a personal interview. This is because many admissions officials want to personally meet prospective students before granting admission.

Work experience also is a requirement of many MBA programs. Although it is possible for a student to apply to an MBA program immediately after completing an undergraduate degree, many schools prefer that applicants have at least four years of work experience. Prospective students can acquire the necessary work experience in a variety of industries and are not required to have any specific business experience.


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