What Are the Different Types of MBA Career Opportunities?

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A student who is interested in a career in financial services might be well served to consider pursuing a masters of business administration (MBA) degree. The job market for someone with this type of formal education opens up an entirely new level of options versus what's available for an individual with strictly a bachelor's degree. Someone who achieves this degree could be catapulted from a position as an administrative assistant to a top financial officer at a corporation all thanks to the MBA career opportunities that exist. In the financial services arena, some investment firms look not only to see that an MBA degree has been earned but also consider the pedigree of the school where the education was completed.

Hedge funds are among the most sophisticated investment firms that exist. These professionals trade complex financial derivatives and take enormous risks with the firm's own money and the assets of clients. MBA career opportunities could lead directly to a hedge fund firm for a young graduate or a seasoned industry veteran who might be looking for a change. The MBA expectation may be lifted for someone who chooses to launch a hedge fund from the onset of a career, but in the traditional progression for an individual in financial services, most career opportunities are competitive. Hedge funds have a lucrative compensation package attached that often includes a two percent management fee and 20 percent performance fee charged to clients.


MBA career opportunities could also be found in the investment banking arena. Bankers are involved with some of the largest financial transactions that occur in the capital markets. These professionals are called upon to come up with creative solutions to a company's financial needs and are intricately familiar with equity and debt financing solutions. The investment banking field is fiercely competitive, and completing business school programs can help candidates go further. An MBA designation in finance or accounting could potentially fetch a more attractive compensation package for an investment banker versus a starting salary and bonus structure for someone without this degree.

Private equity is a type of alternative investment management and a segment of financial services where MBA career opportunities are often sought. The deals that are accomplished in private equity can be extremely sophisticated. Transactions may involve taking publicly listed companies and turning those entities private using debt in leveraged buyout deals. Private equity MBA career opportunities may be suitable for young graduates or individuals who are seeking changes in finance jobs.


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